'I Don't Like This, Either': Bear Grylls Made Armie Hammer Suckle On A Goat Nipple

It seems Bear Grylls has moved on from drinking questionable liquids in the wild himself.

And instead, he's getting his kicks from dragging celebrities along on his journeys and forcing them to get weird in front of the camera.

His latest victim is 'Call Me By Your Name' star Armie Hammer who joined Bear for a casual hike on the Italian island of Sardinia.

A clip previewing the new 'Running Wild With Bear Grylls' series shows the pair ascending a lush-green ocean cliff where the action starts to unfold pretty quickly.

"You just wrangled a wild goat, this is a huge decision!" Armie says as Bear is shown holding onto the animal that definitely didn't sign a consent form for this nonsense. 

Armie starting to regret the free trip to Sardinia. Image: NatGeo.

Without even checking whether anyone had packed a picnic mug -- or whether Armie was in the mood for some hot goat dairy -- Bear says, "Okay, so if you get your lips around its nipples and then just..." as Armie stares and waits to be told that he's getting Punk'd.

Bear says to the camera that it was "irresistible to play this one out" with the kind of smirk that says he's checked TripAdvisor and there's definitely a taverna serving cold beers just over the hill.



Armie Hammer Blasted For Posting Bizarre Infant Toe-Sucking Video

Bet you never expected to read that headline...

Regardless, Armie bends down to the source and the NSFW camera angles are a sight to behold without even mentioning the intense rubber-glove-like sound effects.

The actor seems pretty chuffed that he caved to peer pressure and announced that he "carpe'd the diem" but maybe the Latin phrase should be changed to mark this historic day to 'Carpe capra papilla'.

Seize that goat nipple!

Main Image: National Geographic.