Prepare Your Backyard Obstacle Course Because Applications For 'The Amazing Race' 2020 Are Already Open

If you watched newlyweds Tim and Rod swim, sprint and jump their way to the finish line and thought, 'I could do that' then now is your time to put your name in the running.

Applications are already open for 'The Amazing Race Australia' mere hours after the Northern Territory finale starring Tim and Rod, Jasmin and Jerome and Viv and Joey wrapped up.

A warning that the competition isn't for the faint of heart and, if selected, you might have to ride an unruly camel, complete a stressful boot camp, jump out of a plane and tame a wild horse.

But the most difficult aspect of 'The Amazing Race Australia' is picking a partner in crime that you'll still want to talk to after facing those kinds of challenges together.

As winners Tim and Rod told 10 daily after their win, the show is really "make or break" for relationships -- and we're inclined to guess it's the same for friendships and, to a lesser extent, family ties (mostly because you can bounce back quicker after yelling at a sibling).

If none of those chilling warnings bother you (or you'd do anything it takes to win $250,000) then you can head along to the casting site and begin filling out you and your teammate's details.

You'll also have to upload a short video (max three minutes) and make sure you don't get fancy with any editing or music because producers want to see you in all your natural glory -- warts and all.

See you in 2020!

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