Zac Braff Hints At A 'Scrubs' Rewatch Show With Donald Faison

We miss them so much it hurts sometimes.

It's almost ten years since the final episode of 'Scrubs' aired -- that's if you're willing to include the poorly received ninth season -- so what better way to celebrate the medical comedy-drama than with a mini cast reunion?

Well, it turns out we could very well be seeing the return of our favourite bromance in the form a 'Scrubs' rewatch show featuring Zac Braff and Donald Faison, who are BFFs both on and off-screen.



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The idea came about after one Twitter user suggested the idea, saying, "Really enjoying the Office Ladies podcast, but it makes me think @zachbraff should do a Scrubs rewatch show".



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Seeing the comment, Braff retweeted with, "Should I? With @donald_faison," adding, "We just watch the show and talk about it? Can there be snacks available?"

He added, "Hang out with my bestie and giggle like school girls... with snacks? Hmmm."

As fans went hog wild over the idea of our favourite docs getting the gang back together, one Twitter user took a cheeky dig at the show's final season which was universally planned, with fans usually agreeing that the show unofficially ended with season eight.

"Watch with the season 9 cast," the user wrote, to which Braff quipped, "What's season 9?".

The actors' relationship with one another has been much-loved by fans of the series, with Braff and Faison frequently sharing images of one another and spending time together nearly a decade after filming for 'Scrubs' came to an end. In fact, they're so close that Braff is even godfather to Donald Faison's son, Rocco.

'Scrubs' was created by Bill Lawrence and aired from October 2, 2001, to March 17, 2010.

Image:  NBC