'It Brought Us Closer': Siblings Viv And Joey Celebrate Their Third-Place 'Amazing Race Australia Journey'

Despite a slow start to the final leg, a stroke of puppy luck meant Viv and Joey Dinh were ahead of the other two teams towards the end of the race.

But when teams had to kayak out to find puzzle pieces, the mighty siblings struggled and were the last to return with all their pieces.

Thankfully, Joey and Viv had a secret weapon. Throughout the entire competition, the duo had kept extensive journals of every leg of the race.

"We were allowed to bring a blank notebook with us," Joey told 10 daily after the final leg, "so we'd make notes, jotting down what each country's flag looked like, who the pit stop greeters were, names of temples, we wrote down everything."

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Superfans of the show, the pair knew there was a potential for past aspects of the race to be brought back up again, so when each puzzle piece had clues relating to certain legs, Joey and Viv were prepared. Unfortunately, the puzzle was a lot trickier than simply putting pieces together.

Making up time lost while kayaking, Viv and Joey closed the gap between Tim and Rod and Jasmin and Jerome, "but figuring out the puzzle itself... I still get PTSD thinking about it" Joey said.

Viv and Joey struggled with the first challenge of matching real and fake news headlines, but made up time later. Photo: Network 10.

"It was so abstract, it was one of those puzzles that you either know it or you don't, like a Rubix cube. It wasn't logical," he said.

Stumbling on the last challenge, the duo came in third -- but the race still forged a strong bond between them both.

Choking back tears, Joey told Beau at the final pit stop, "Viv just needs to stop underestimating herself, she's done so well. She can do everything!"

"Joey's a champ," Viv added through tears, "He smashed it in a lot of roadblocks, I wouldn't have gotten to the final three without him."

When he spoke to 10 daily, Joey admitted that for a lot of the race he had hoped to take a step back and let Viv lead more.

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"I like to take control, I know that," he said, "I probably should have let her lead. I'd love for her to have done more roadblocks, it's just when you read the clues and you don't know what to expect, we just wanted to take the safe option.

The pair also had some close calls throughout the race, narrowly avoiding elimination due to other teams' injuries, penalties or the odd non-elimination round.

"It was an emotional roller coaster," Joey said, "It did my head in. You can't predict anything that'll happen in the race."

"[The Amazing Race] brought us closer in a way," he added, "we had never been together -- this close with no contact with the outside world. You're stuck with each other 24/7. In a way, it was challenging... Viv definitely got sick of me more than I did of her!"

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