'We Felt Like We Were Winners': The Deadly Duo Come Second In 'Dream' Return To The NT

Jasmin and Jerome might have just missed out on winning 'The Amazing Race' but their final pitstop was anything but a disappointment.

The grand finale saw the top three duos in the race heading to the Northern Territory on a flight from Bangkok to Darwin for their final leg of the competition.

"We travelled all across the world and then, for it to end in our backyard and be able to showcase the Territory -- for a Larrakia man coming home to Larrakia country, it was so exciting," Jerome told 10 daily via phone after the final episode.

The Amazing Race


Newlyweds Tim And Rod Win 'The Amazing Race Australia'

Tim Sattler and Rod Jones have taken out the top prize of 'The Amazing Race Australia', finishing the final leg of the race in first place.

Their final leg of the journey together involved plenty of firsts -- jumping out of planes, training dogs and taming a horse -- but the couple said coming in second didn't feel like their efforts had been in vain.

The second team to cross 'The Amazing Race' finish line. Image: Network 10.

Jasmine explained that, although they knew newlyweds Tim and Rod had already come first, they just had a strong feeling of gratitude about how far they'd come in the competition, completing every challenge.

"I don't know, I thought I'd be really sad but I just felt blessed to have the experience on this wild ride of a lifetime with my soulmate and best friend," she said. 

We didn't feel like losers, we felt like we were winners. We were walking along the escarpment across the gorge holding hands and Jerome just said to me, 'We'll still achieve all our dreams, even without [winning] the race". 

Jasmin and Jerome prepare to jump out of a lightplane in the NT. Image: Network 10.

Throughout 'The Amazing Race' -- From Seoul to Darwin--  the couple have been adamant about their motive -- being strong, positive role models for their young son.

Jasmine explained via phone (after a Wiggles concert, no less) that their reunion with Jerome Jr. took even longer than they expected, even though they finished up the race so close to home.

"We had to go through Sydney and our flight got delayed -- our boy actually wasn't in Darwin he was staying with family in Melbourne so we were like, 'Oh my god, I wish we'd left him in Darwin!'"

Jerome added that he's excited to show their son episodes of 'The Amazing Race' when he's old enough, although the toddler got pretty excited when he'd see them pop up on commercials.

"Every time he'd hear an ad come on for the show he'd say, 'Mummy, Daddy!' and come running into the loungeroom but when it came to watching the show he'd want to turn it off and put cartoons on," he laughed.

Jasmine faced her fears and tamed a horse. Image: Network 10.

The family have been watching 'The Amazing Race' together -- and although they say they "copped some flak" after the U-Turn that sidelined Tom and Tyler -- they ultimately played the game as productively and respectfully as they knew how.

"I hope people see that... I think Jerome and I made some of the biggest moves in the race and that we took some big gambles and used the tools that the race gives you," Jasmine said. 

More importantly, the couple explained that the experience strengthened their relationship -- something that was evident on-screen as they supported each other through every challenge, never arguing.

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'It Brought Us Closer': Siblings Viv And Joey Celebrate Their Third-Place 'Amazing Race Australia Journey'

Despite a slow start to the final leg, a stroke of puppy luck meant Viv and Joey Dinh were ahead of the other two teams towards the end of the race.

"For me, it just confirmed how much I love and adore Jerome and how much respect I have for him, he's the father of my child and partner in life," said Jasmine. 

"We took every challenge by the horns and we never gave up. I always knew that we would back each other. "

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