Shane, Lydia And Harry: Three Huge Names Joining 'Australian Survivor: All Stars'

Three of 'Australian Survivor's biggest names are set to merge into the first-ever 'All Stars' cast -- and it's going to be difficult to tell who'll be the first to get blindsided.

Joining the first group of 2020 castaways is Olympic swimming legend Shane Gould, who will be returning for a 'Survivor' victory lap after winning Season 3 in 2018.

Her previous experience in lasting a full 50 days in the game could either work in her favour or place a huge target on her back from day one -- because no-one really wants to see anyone win 'Survivor' twice (unless it was Luke Toki, and we're still waiting on his first win).

Someone who might be planning on writing down Shane's name at the earliest Tribal Council possible is Olympic skier, Lydia Lassila. The undisputed challenge beast was booted in a blindside orchestrated by Shane, so 'All Stars' could be a chance for all-out revenge for Lydia. 

Next up is a villain we got to know and love in the last season of 'Champions vs Contenders' and, because of his sheer determination, we sort of wanted him to win by the end?

'Dirty' Harry Hills was nicknamed 'The Cockroach' for his ability to survive even the most nuclear-strength Tribals where the odds were against him and even managed to knock Janine 'The Godmother' Allis off after merge.

We're ready to see his devious mind (and maybe a return of his fake son?) at play again with two-dozen of 'Survivor's sneakiest and strongest players.

Remember, David Genat, Mat RogersMark 'Tarzan' HerlaarPhoebe Timmins, Nick IadanzaFelicity EggingtonBrooke Jowett, and Henry Nicholson have already been announced, so you just know the dynamic is going to be super-charged.

'Australian Survivor: All Stars', Coming In 2020. Only On 10 And WIN Network.