The Hero Dog That Nearly Decided On 'The Amazing Race' Winners

At the most crucial point in the competition, the finishing places of the final three 'Amazing Race' teams were nearly decided on by a dog.

After landing in the Northern Territory and setting off on a scavenger hunt for newspapers and then jumping out of a plane, the finalist duos were given a roadblock with a mind of its own.

Jasmin and Jerome, Tim and Rod, and Joey and Viv arrived at a cattle station in Katherine and had to handpick a dog they thought looked most capable of working its way swiftly through a figure-of-eight course.

But just like Indiana Jones trying to pick out a grubby Holy Grail in a room full of sparkly knock-offs -- the ~wisest~ choice of dog wasn't the most obvious.

He chose... poorly. Image: Paramount Pictures.

The Amazing Race


Newlyweds Tim And Rod Win 'The Amazing Race Australia'

Tim Sattler and Rod Jones have taken out the top prize of 'The Amazing Race Australia', finishing the final leg of the race in first place.

Jasmin and Jerome, then Rod and Tim arrived first at the lineup to survey a handful of pups with names like Fluffy, Smiley, Coco, Elsa, and Winks.

"Okay, who wants to come with me?" Jasmin asked, before revealing that her strategy was to go with an older, more experienced pup that might be "better trained".

An impossible choice. Image: Network 10.

But things didn't get off to a great start with her chosen dog Sarge, who looked less than impressed about having to arise from his sleeping position and get stuck into the course.

Sarge proved that he definitely didn't earn that name from a background in a police K-9 unit, bolting back to the gate as Jasmin tried to coax him around the course.

Tim and Rod were next to enter the "dog arena" and opted for another older dog with a sassy name to match, Fluffy.

"Come on, a dog named Fluffy has to be the best dog ever," Rod said, but the foreboding music told us otherwise and Fluffy was another FLOP.

"Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy, FLUFFY, COME," he said, to no avail.

The Amazing Race


'We Felt Like We Were Winners': The Deadly Duo Come Second In 'Dream' Return To The NT

Jasmin and Jerome might have just missed out on winning 'The Amazing Race' but their final pitstop was anything but a disappointment.

A very frustrated Jasmin and Rod could feel their lead slipping through their dog wands (a stick with a plastic bag, we think?) and both made a fruitless eleventh-hour decision to upgrade.

By this time Viv and Joey had entered the arena and managed to see the spark in the eyes of our Hero Dog, Teddy -- who had been patiently sitting on his barrel the whole time, just begging to get tapped in.

The eyes of a Hero Dog. Image: Network 10.

Within what seemed like 30 seconds, Teddy bounded through the course and, in true 'Amazing Race' style, the frontrunners were now at the back and Viv and Joey had earned themselves a sizeable lead.

A plastic bag and a dog ballet, this is ART. Image: Network 10.

Slipping behind, the other two teams decided to jump on the Teddy-bandwagon and the young pup obediently raced around their figure-of-eight courses -- single-handedly changing up the leaderboard of the race.

Unfortunately, Joey and Viv blew their lead with their uncoordinated canoeing and eventually coming in third.

But for a hot minute there, a single dog was pulling all the strings.

Main Image: Network 10.