'She Just Slapped Me': Katrina Bowden Reveals Key 'Bold And The Beautiful' Secret

'The Bold and the Beautiful' has perfected the art of the dramatic face-slap in the last three decades -- but you might be a little surprised to discover how the actors deliver a convincing palm whack.

Katrina Bowden -- most well-known for her role as Liz Lemon's assistant Cerie Xerox on '30 Rock' -- joined the dramatic series last year but it was properly inducted into the cast when she received her first on-screen slap.

Speaking to 10 daily at the tail end of her trip to Australia, Bowden (who plays Flo Fulton) explained what it was like being on the receiving end of a blow from Annika Noelle (Hope Logan).

"I mean, we practised a few times but on the day -- in the heat of the moment -- she just slapped me!" Bowden laughed.

"Like she actually got really caught up in it and slapped me and so that's why it looks so good because it was real!" she added.

Katrina Bowden has well and truly settled into her role on 'The Bold And The Beautiful'. Image: CBS.

Bowden quickly learnt that going full-method is the norm for the seasoned cast of 'Bold' regulars, who go out of their way to give their scenes a very convincing touch.

"I was kind of alarmed at first was like, 'What the hell just happened?' but apparently they all do that and I was like, 'You guys are nuts.'



Katherine Kelly Lang Reveals Her Worst 'Bold And The Beautiful' Slap

In the last 32 years, Katherine Kelly Lang's character Brooke Logan has copped quite a few slaps to the face.

"This would never fly on another show, there'd be a stunt co-ordinator in there!" she joked, adding that she was "totally fine" after her slap-initiation.

"It's almost like I've graduated," she said of the experience, adding that it meant she could later offer some advice to her on-screen mother, played by Denise Richards.

"Denise was slapped by [Katherine] Kelly [Lang] like a couple weeks later, and she was like, 'This is insane' and we were both kind of laughing about it," she told 10 daily.

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Denise Richards and Katrina Bowden have perfected that 'Bold' stare. Image: CBS.

Bowden said she and Richards have bonded on set, having both worked on '30 Rock' although the pair didn't share any scenes on the comedy created by Tina Fey.

"I didn't meet her then [on '30 Rock'] but we get along so well and she is so funny and so cool," said Bowden.

"We have very similar personalities where we don't really take things too seriously and so we got we got along really well," she added.

Bowden added that she's been extra excited to work with Richards, who has her own dedicated film crew on set as she simultaneously films 'Real Housewives' and 'The Bold and the Beautiful'.

"I'm a huge 'Housewives' fan and all my scenes are with Denise so they come on and shoot our scenes," she said.

"I'm terrible at reality shows but if my face is on it for like, two seconds I'd be like, 'That's cool!'"

Bowden has been away from the 'Bold' set for the last seven weeks, filming a gritty shark thriller in Queensland called, 'Great White'.

"It's really grounded and has very strong characters and is very much a desolate survival movie, so it's not all action all the time," she told 10 daily.

"It's really character-based and I just had the best time -- we shot in water almost every day," Bowden added, saying it was "physically challenging" but ultimately rewarding experience.

But the most surprising part of Bowden's trip was her introduction to lemon cordial, which apparently isn't a thing in the United States.

"I had never heard of it before, we don't have it in the States!" she said of discovering the refreshing, syrupy drink on the 'Great White' set.

"They had juice in the morning but they didn't have like soft drinks or anything other than water. Yeah, and this these jugs and I was like, What are these things? Yeah. And I tried it and I was like, This is delicious."

You can catch Katrina Bowden on 'The Bold and the Beautiful' weekdays from 4.30 pm on 10 -- or catch up via 10 play.

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