KAK Nearly Yaks Behind Studio 10 Couch As They Try Century Eggs

Ahead of 'The Amazing Race Australia's grand finale on Tuesday night, Beau brought the 'Studio 10' panel some treats the final four teams would face on tonight's semi-final.

During the penultimate leg of the race, each team must eat three century eggs each before being given their next clue.

While they're called 'century eggs' -- the delicacy isn't exactly fermented for 100 years. But the chicken, quail or duck eggs are preserved in mixtures often made up of clay, ash, salt and rice hulls for several weeks to months.

The preserving turns the eggs soft, gooey and a dark black colour with a strong odour that may not be to everybody's taste.

KAK Nearly Yaks Behind Studio 10 Couch As They Try Century Eggs
Tyler and Tom struggle through the challenge during 'The Amazing Race'. Photo: Network 10.

The Amazing Race


'Funky, Like A Blue Cheese': Derek Lau Explains The Appeal Of A Century Egg

While most consider century eggs a delicacy, the final four teams on 'The Amazing Race' would probably tell you otherwise.

The 'Studio 10' panel found that out the hard way when Beau brought an egg each for Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Angela Bishop and Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

As soon as he had knocked off half the shell, the panel erupted into chaos.

"Will I die?" Sarah asked, before taking a nibble as Beau dry-heaved on the couch.

Sorry Sarah, you absolute champion. Photo: Network 10.

Kerri-Anne, who flat-out refused to try the eggs from the very beginning, was battling the odour and the chorus of gags, and almost lost her breakfast behind the 'Studio 10' couch.

"It's just making me gag," she cried almost in pain as Beau -- with a determined look in his eye -- decided to throw half an egg bravely into his gob.

KAK Nearly Yaks Behind Studio 10 Couch As They Try Century Eggs
Almost immediately spitting it back up, Beau quickly found out he wasn't up to the challenge either.. Photo: Network 10.

While the panel erupted into chaos, the eggs themselves are actually pretty commonly eaten -- a pork and century egg congee is a very common, popular dish with the egg's particular brand of funk really livening up the rice porridge dish.

Check out the chaos in the video above.

To see how the 'Amazing Race' teams cope, tune in tonight at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.