5 Of The Most Iconic 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Episodes Of All Time

With the news that every single episode of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' has officially dropped on Stan, our weekend is officially sorted!

Directed by Joss Whedon and starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as everyone's favourite butt-kicking babe, Buffy Summers, 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' quickly reached cult status following the series' 1997 debut right up until it went off the air in 2003.



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Despite being over 20 years since we were first #blessed with the show, it continues to be a hard favourite among fans -- which is why choosing just five of our top eps has proven extremely hard!

With the news that Stan has released every single episode on the platform to stream, we're ready to relive the nostalgia all over again. And if you haven't seen it, there's no better time than now to get acquainted with Buffy and the rest of the Sunnydale High crew.

Check out some of the must-watch eps below but warning -- there are obviously spoilers ahead (if you can even spoil a show from 1997?).



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"Hush" Season 4, Episode 10

In what was an absolute masterpiece of an episode, a group of, frankly, terrifying bad guys called 'The Gentleman' rock up to Sunnydale and steal the voices of its inhabitants, which results in 45-minutes of near-silence.

“I wanted something scary and kind of dreamlike,” creator Whedon said in a BTS featurette on the episode. “The idea that something like that is floating at me and I can’t scream is a creepy child story dream.”

"Once More With Feeling" - Season 6, Episode 7

Also known as "the musical episode", the inspiration for this ep apparently came to Whedon during a gathering with friends at his house. Anthony Stewart Head -- who played Giles -- would often begin singing during said parties, and soon roped in the rest of the group

After Whedon realised there was a slew of unused musical talent among the 'Buffy' cast, he decided to go ahead with a musical episode -- and fans loved it!

"The Body" - Season 5, Episode 16

Warning: You will need tissues for this one!

When Buffy returns home calling out to her mother Joyce, she discovers her lying on the couch motionless. After pausing, she yells out "Mum?” repeating again until she quietly adds, “Mummy?”

It was a poignant episode which dealt with the loss of Buffy's mother following her suffering a brain tumour throughout season five, and according to Kristine Sutherland who played Joyce, it's something fans still talk to her about today.

"Most fans end up talking to me about ‘The Body,'" Sutherland told EW. "There's so many people all over the world who lost a parent and weren't able to process, and it helped them. And that's amazing."


"Surprise" - Season 2, Episode 13

Focusing on Buffy’s rollercoaster relationship with Angel (David Boreanaz), this episode marks a turning point in the pair's relationship after they sleep together for the first time -- and the subsequent consequences of the act.

 "Innocence" - Season 2, Episode 14

In a two-episode arc following on from the events of 'Surprise', Buffy wakes after her night with Angel to find he's acting like a completely different person. It turns out that due to a curse by vengeful gypsies, once Angel finds true happiness, his soul will disappear and he will turn into the evil Angelus.

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