Can You Pass The 'Amazing Race' Pub Quiz?

It's not your usual trivia night, with the final five teams forced to complete a two-minute pub quiz all about the other teams.

Each team was split up, and both team members had to answer 10 questions relating to all 11 pairs of racers throughout the season.

Every wrong answer would incur a one-minute penalty at the pit stop, but teams wouldn't find out how many they got wrong until they met Beau at the mat.

It might not sound that tough, but remember -- teams have been racing and may not have seen or been around everything the quiz asked.

Meanwhile, we've been sitting on our couches, covered in corn chip crumbs saying, "I could do that," while watching teams struggle through challenges. Best seats in the house!

The Amazing Race


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Femi Ogunsiji and Nick Evbuomwan won hearts during their time on 'The Amazing Race Australia', despite taking... a few wrong turns in the competition.

Photo: Network 10.

If you'd like to test your knowledge, grab a timer and set it for two minutes and see how well your memory stacks up against the final five.

To make things a liiiiitle easier, we've given you three options for each question. Tally your results and see how your memory stacks up against the teams.

NO CHEATING! Start your timers... now:

1. Who jumped the elevator queue in Namsan tower?

a) Hayley & Mikayla

b) Tom & Tyler

c) Sid & Ash

2. Which team attempted a fast forward, then gave up?

a) Tim & Rod

b)  Jasmin & Jerome

c) Femi & Nick

3. Who gave up stilts for shrimp baskets in Vietnam?

a) Chris & Adrienne

b) Roaw & Amani

c)  Jasmin & Jerome

Photo: Network 10.

4. Which team was second to arrive to build play equipment in Zimbabwe?

a) Femi & Nick

b) Tim & Rod

c) Jasmin & Jerome

5. Which team took two clues, leaving a team with none?

a) Sid & Ash

b) Viv & Joey

c) Tom & Tyler

6. Which team took four attempts to sing their Mongolian wrestling song?

a) Sid & Ash

b) Hayley & Mikayla

c) Viv & Joey

Photo: Network 10.

7. Which team spent the most time in a taxi in the first leg?

a) Alana & Niko

b) Nick & Femi

c) Chris & Adrienne

8. Who was overtaken in the last 30 seconds of the second leg of the Race?

a) Chris & Adrienne

b) Viv & Joey

c) Judy & Therese

Photo: Network 10.

9. Who successfully stacked cups and paddled with their feet?

a) Rowah & Amani

b) Tim & Rod

c) Tom & Tyler

10. Who nailed flyboarding in under two minutes?

a) Femi & Nick

b) Chris & Adrienne

c) Alana & Niko

Photo: Network 10.

Not as easy as it looked, right? Or maybe you're a superstar who smashed through it. See how you did with the answers below.

Just thank your lucky stars that because teams combined their wrong answers it's actually impossible to get a score worse than Viv and Joey.


1. B, 2. A, 3. C, 4. A, 5. A, 6. B, 7. A, 8. C, 9. A, 10. B.

'The Amazing Race Australia' Airs Mondays And Tuesdays From 7.30 pm, Only On 10 And WIN Network.