'World Famous' Gossip Guru To Rock 'I'm A Celeb': Everything We Know About Who's Going In The Jungle

As January 5 edges closer, so too does the reveal of who will be heading into the African jungle to be the last one to say, 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!'

In a new twist, Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris decided to reveal one celeb's name early on in the game.

In an incredible James Bond sequence, none other than Miguel Maestre has been announced as the very first celebrity that will be braving the jungle in 2020.

But as to who The Living Room co-host's campmates will be still remains a mystery as Chris, Julia and the powers that be aren't giving much away.

It looks like the show has just started rolling out clues with hints as to who'll be in the bunk next to Miguel in camp.

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'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!': Miguel Maestre Is Going From The Living Room To The Jungle

It's almost that time of year again where a slew of celebs are ripped from their lux lifestyles and forced to take on the South African jungle for 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!'

Here's everything we know so far:

Confirmed celeb: Miguel Maestre

Image: Network 10.

From 'The Living Room' to living in the jungle, Miguel is no stranger to a bit of reality TV, having competed in 'Dancing With The Stars' earlier this year. We can't wait to see how his fancy footwork comes in handy during some of those Tucker Trials.

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Clue Number One: A TV Megastar

So, this megastar is apparently known for ruffling a few feathers. No stranger to headlines (click-bait or otherwise), this celeb seems to have made a name for herself in the tabloids.

The big clue also says, "This international party animal likes to prove her critics wrong" which means she's either from overseas ... has been overseas ... or loves an international-themed party?

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Clue Number Two: A Leading Lady

Okay, this one has us stumped -- maybe because this clue has a lot going on and maybe because we're tragic at guessing. Another female celeb, this 'leading lady' has been on TV screens and is apparently a familiar face to Aussie households.

Her clue says, "This Order of Australia winner really knows how to put on a show", with references to her also "singing for her supper" -- and they also mention the old theatre saying, "break a leg"... interestingggg.

Clue number three: A footy legend

It wouldn't be 'Celeb' without a footy star to help out in camp with the important things like pranks and giving everyone nicknames ending in 'o'. Thankfully with our latest clue, it looks like we've got the perfect person for the job.

Described as one of the biggest characters of "the game" (but not WHICH game), the clues also reveal that this sporty celeb has played his last game, so his time on the field may be over... but his time in the jungle is just beginning.

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Clue number four: a blonde bombshell

Who comes to mind when you hear the words 'blonde bombshell'? While there are a few famous faces we're thinking of, the latest clue about this 'I'm A Celeb' contestant tells us that she might face a few hurdles in swapping luxury for outdoor loos.

Which perhaps doesn't narrow it down much so here's what else we know:

"You last saw her in a tropical paradise... but this diva Dorothy is a long way from Kansas".

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Clue number five: a famous DJ

Crack out your vinyl records and your cassette players, the jungle is about to be rocked by a famous DJ.

The DJ's clue reveals they've won a Logie but the biggest hint of all may be that they "make crowds laugh" because what DJ is known for their side-splitting senses of humour?

Clue number six: an Australian comedian

When you're detoxing from sugar, caffeine, food that isn't rice and beans, you're missing your phone, your family and friends it's important to be able to have a bit of a laugh. Thankfully for our celebs, a comedian is heading into camp with them. But they might be bringing a bit of controversy?

The comedian's clue says they're not only controversial but they're also blonde -- but don't get it twisted, they're "no Barbie". Is it a pun about barbecuing? Does it mean they're named Ken?

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Clue number seven: a TV presenter

How well do you know the abs of your favourite screen stars? The latest 'I'm A Celeb' teaser reveals nothing but a very chiselled torso and a few juicy hints.

The reportedly "hot hunk" who'll be entering the jungle once famously lost his shirt so start Googling, celeb sleuths!

Clue number eight: a pop culture guru

According to our sources, this presenter "spends a lot of time with their Aunty" and this one really has us scratching our heads.

All we've come up with so far is Emma Roberts (who's close with her aunt Julia Roberts), or -- and this is a long shot-- Tina Turner, who played Aunty Entity in 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome'.

We know neither are presenters or official pop culture gurus so we're just going to have to impatiently wait for Jan 5.

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Clue number nine: a lovable larrikin

We're nine clues in and only getting more confused. This lovable larrikin and reality star is apparently hopping from one "controversial experiment to another" so they could well be someone we got to know on a reality series in 2019? Time will tell!

Clue number 10: a footy star

Joining our 'footy legend', this footy star will be doubling the sporty quota of camp when they put down their balls and head into the jungle.

Described as a "competitive loudmouth", their clue explains that this footy star is a premiership winner who "is no shrinking violet".

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Clue number 11: an artist

What is art? No, we're not doing a year 12 paper on subjectivity, we're just trying to figure out the latest clue.

Apparently the latest celeb heading into the jungle is an "artists". But, what does that mean? A sculpter? A finger painter? That guy who paints people's portraits with his... um... body parts?

According to the clue, "this character really knows how to get themselves out of trouble"... which has NOTHING to do with painting? So we're really struggling with this one.

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Clue number 12: a YouTube star

This social media influencer will be trading Likes and Subscribes for 'Yikes!' and snake-hides when they head into the jungle.

Calling them a "presenter", the official clue also reveals that this YouTuber has over a million followers. That's a lot of people who could potentially vote you into a Tucker Trial...

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Clue number 13: a Gossip Guru

Lucky celeb number 13 is no stranger to making headlines, it seems, as they're not only referred to as a gossip guru but also an influencer. Interesting...

This celeb is said to be known across the globe for their 'world-famous feuds', so their campmates might have a whirlwind of drama heading their way and honestly, we can't wait.

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We'll be updating this list as we find out more, and if you think you've cracked the case with any of these clues -- we want to know!

No one tells us anything.

'I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!' premieres on Sunday, 5 January 2020 at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play.

Featured image: Network 10.