‘Angry, Devastated, Sad’: Did The 'Amazing Race' Alliance Just Make A Big Mistake?

When Beau said we could expect a bit of drama after tonight's twist, he wasn't kidding.

As the final five teams touched down in Malawi our intrepid host was waiting for them with a compulsory U-Turn.

Each team would have to vote for who they wanted to do a U-Turn, which is a hell of a punishment that forces one team to perform an extra challenge at a detour.

Amazing Race Australia: Compulsory U-Turn Throws Teams Into Chaos
The team with the most amount of votes would have to perform both challenges at the detour. Photo: Network 10.

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Amazing Race Australia: How The Final Five Teams Stack Up

With just five teams left in 'The Amazing Race Australia', we take a closer look at how they've performed so far, and who's on track to take out the top prize of $250,000.

Where most teams were able to pick between stack and stitch -- stacking a massive pile of coal into a bag and carrying it to a vendor or stitching two shirts together using an old fashioned sewing machine -- the team with the most amount of votes would be forced to do BOTH.

U-Turns suck not only because you have the disadvantage of performing two challenges, but it's almost a guaranteed to put you at the back of the pack, adding all that extra time to the race.

Amazing Race Australia: Compulsory U-Turn Throws Teams Into Chaos
The comeback of the race, Tim and Rod didn't let a little U-Turn stop them. Photo: Network 10.

While Tim and Rod decided the smartest team to vote for would be Tom and Tyler, the clear frontrunners from the get-go, every other team voted for Tim and Rod.

Yep, it was a unanimous decision with the four remaining teams voting for the newlyweds.

For Tom and Tyler the decision was easy, Tim and Rod have been hot on their heels in the last few legs, so this could put some distance between their biggest competitors.

Amazing Race Australia: Compulsory U-Turn Throws Teams Into Chaos
The unstoppable footy mates were in first... AGAIN! Photo: Network 10.

But for Femi and Nick, Viv and Joey and Jasmin and Jerome... this sure was an interesting choice.

While Tim and Rod are threats to take out that top spot -- Tom and Tyler are by far the biggest threats of all, with their blend of physical prowess and their knack for dumb luck, the boys have been dominating the legs with six wins under their belts.

Almost immediately Jasmin began to second-guess their decision to stick with their alliance over making a more strategic move.

"I'm not going to lie," Jasmin told Beau, "Strategically I think it's a better decision to vote for the strongest team which is Tom and Tyler, but I don't think we've got the numbers.

"I think the other teams are going to go with Tim and Rod."

Amazing Race Australia: Compulsory U-Turn Throws Teams Into Chaos
"I hope we've made the right decision..." Photo: Network 10.

And Jasmin was right. But did the alliance make the right choice?

Well, ultimately it didn't make a lick of difference, with Tim and Rod absolutely powering through both detour challenges before catching up to Nick and Femi and Viv and Joey.

The boys then made quick work of a brick-building challenge before racing through a puzzle and landing smack-bang in the middle of the pack, landing on the pit stop mat in third place.

Worst of all, the boys casually asked the other teams who each of them voted for, finding out in the most awkward way possible that EVERY TEAM had voted for them.

That's going to make for some uncomfortable plane rides...

Not only did Tim and Rod absolutely crush this leg of the race, but Jasmin and Jerome just missed out on another win thanks to the footy mates taking their seventh of the race so far.

When Viv and Joey cast their vote they admitted they wanted their alliance to be the final four teams in the race.

"The final four will hopefully be our alliance and from there may the best team win," Joey said.

Missing the rare opportunity to get Tom and Tyler off the first-place post, did the rest of the teams in the alliance just cost themselves the chance of a win as the footy mates continue to steamroll the race?

And will Tim and Rod get their revenge?

Things are about to get veryyy interesting.

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