Stars Set To Return To Ramsay Street For 'Neighbours' 35th Birthday

Celebrating their 35th birthday, a few familiar residents of Ramsay Street will be returning for the special occasion.

Turning the big 3-5 in March 2020, Erinsborough will see a week's worth of special episodes celebrating the milestone.

Check out some of the familiar faces who'll be returning to Ramsay Street for the big celebration:

Stephanie McIntosh (Sky Mangel):

Photo: Network 10.

Stephanie played Sky Mangel from 2003 to 2007 where she sure went through a LOT. One half of the series' first same-sex kiss back in 2004, Sky ultimately moved to Port Douglas with Boyd Hoyland -- leaving Ramsay St behind.

Bruce Samazan (Mark Gottlieb):

Photo: Network 10.

One of Mark's most iconic moments happens to be leaving poor Annalise Hartman at the altar, explaining to her (while she's still in her wedding dress) that he had instead decided to become a priest. Things obviously changed as Mark later went on to move to Sydney to become a TV chef.



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Olympia Valance (Paige Smith):

Photo: Network 10.

Paige is back! After moving to Queensland to start a new life with Jack Callahan and their son, Gabriel, the long lost daughter of Brad and Lauren may be back to stir up a bit of trouble (we hope).

Andrew Morley (Jack Callahan):

Photo: Network 10.

Speaking of Jack, remember him? Well, hopefully you do because old mate has a bit of a past with memory loss. Yep, the man of the cloth is returning alongside Paige.

Scott McGregor (Mark Brennan):

Photo: Network 10.

One person Jack may well remember is ol' Brennan, the third point in this Jack-Paige-Mark love triangle. Brennan may have heard the news of the couple's return and decided to stop in for the celebrations, after all it's not a party without a few fireworks.

Paul Keane (Des Clarke):

Photo: Network 10.

One of the original residents of Ramsay Street, Des popped back to celebrate 30 years of the show back in 2015, and now he's heading back again for another milestone celebration.

Melissa Bell (Lucy Robinson):

Lucy is back and clashes with Paul
Photo: Network 10.

Paul's little sister is also heading back! Another character who popped up to celebrate the show's 30th, Lucy is always keen to check in on her big brother and the trouble he seems to find himself in.

Annie Jones (Jane Harris):

Photo: Network 10.

Speaking of Paul getting himself into trouble, Plain Jane Superbrain is back! After only recently leaving Erinsborough once again, Jane and Paul still have a bit of unfinished business, but hey... who doesn't have unfinished business when it comes to Paul?

Damien Bodie (Dylan Timmins):

Photo: Network 10.

One of the middle children of the Timmins family, if Dylan's time on Ramsay Street could be summed up with one word it would probably be... eventful. Though only a resident for two years, Dylan sure made an impact, going from Paul's protege to dangling him off a cliff after Stingray's death in a relatively short amount of time.

While there hasn't been much revealed about what exactly is drawing this handful of characters back to 'Neighbours', we can expect that they'll each be bringing their own brands of drama.

Jason Herbison, executive producer of 'Neighbours' said in a statement that the show "has a reputation for going big with our anniversary milestones and the 35th will be no exception".

"We’re thrilled to be joined by an honour-roll of returnees, chosen to represent a cross-section of past eras of the show," he continued, "Together we’re in the midst of filming our most ambitious storylines ever and I can’t wait for viewers to see what we have in store."

Keen. As!

Image: Network 10