'Sad And Exciting News': Adam And Symon Announce They're Leaving 'Gogglebox'


The two funny fellas have broken hearts around the country with the announcement on Sunday that they would not be returning to 'Gogglebox Australia' after 10 seasons on the couch.

Posting the announcement on Instagram, Adam said the pair were "incredibly sad, but extremely excited" to wrap up the five years they've spent as two of the country's favourite couch commentators.

Adding that the pair only agreed to be on the show "because we wanted to go to the Logies", Adam went on to thank the cast and crew as well as the pair's legion of fans.



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Wanna be the next Adam and Symon?

Symon echoed Adam's sentiments in his own message adding that part of their motivation to do the show stemmed from wanting a free round at the pub. "On that front we've well and truly filled out our boots," he wrote.

The best mates actually met on a pub crawl during uni and were later scouted for the show while also at the pub. The physiotherapists became known for their absolute cracker one-liners, their trendy socks and their inability to care for a plant that sat between them as they watched the telly.

While the pair are wrapping up their time on 'Gogglebox', the dynamic duo are still hoping to stick around with Adam writing, "we're planning on still being around on your tv and radio a bit longer... so if anyone has a job for us, we've got a lot of time on our hands."

If you, like us, are heartbroken about this news make sure to strap on your brightest socks and neglect a pot plant.

Featured image: Network 10.