'Started From The Bottom... Now We're Here': Influencers Sid And Ash Eliminated From 'The Amazing Race Australia'

Influencers Sid Pierucci and Ash Ruscoe made one of the most impressive comebacks after checking in last on Monday's leg of 'The Amazing Race Australia'.

Sadly, this wasn't going to be a fairy tale ending for the pair who -- despite reaching the pit stop in second place -- were the last team to be officially checked in by Beau.

Starting off the Zambia leg in last place, Sid and Ash also found themselves heading in the wrong direction to the first roadblock, which put them further behind the other five teams.

Their bad luck continued as they reached the roadblock to find a speed bump -- a penalty for checking in last in the previous leg, meaning both members of the team have to complete the roadblock.

After both Sid and Ash completed the gorge swing, their next tactic was what would ultimately cost them their place in the race.

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Teams are told part of the rules of the race include obeying the laws -- especially traffic laws -- so when Sid and Ash decided to speed past several of the other teams on their way to the next detour, there were bound to be consequences.

"Rules are there to be broken," Ash said as she floored it past Nick and Femi and Viv and Joey.

While Viv was less impressed saying the influencers "play such a dirty game",  Sid and Ash were on a roll, powering through the detour and well on their way to delivering buckets of water to the pit stop.

"Started from the bottom, now we're here," Sid said referring to the couple's major comeback in the leg with Ash calling it "literally the comeback of the race".

Reaching the pit stop behind the unstoppable Tom and Tyler, Sid and Ash went from the last team to a neat second place, but Beau had to deliver the news that they were about to incur a 60-minute penalty.

Influencers Sid And Ash Eliminated From 'The Amazing Race Australia'
Before the grim reality of their fate had set in. Photo: Network 10.

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Still feeling confident that they had enough of a lead on the other teams, slowly but surely Sid and Ash's confidence began to fall.

And with less than 50 seconds still remaining on their penalty, the last team left to check-in -- Viv and Joey -- placed their buckets down at the pit stop, knocking Ash and Sid out of the race.

"It was good until it lasted," Sid said to Beau after the host formally eliminated the influencers from the competition.

Looking back, it's been an interesting journey for Sid and Ash who made quick time trying to sabotage some of the other teams when they felt like their place in the competition was threatened.

From stealing from the nuns to trying to send Jasmin and Jerome in the wrong direction, it seemed like karma had a very different outcome for the influencers.

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