Amazing Race Australia: How The Final Five Teams Stack Up

With just five teams left in 'The Amazing Race Australia', we take a closer look at how they've performed so far, and who's on track to take out the top prize of $250,000.

After racing through South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Zimbabwe and Zambia, the teams have gone through some difficult detours, roadblocks and faced some dreaded speed bumps.

With just five teams remaining -- Viv and Joey, Tim and Rod, Tom and Tyler, Jasmin and Jerome and Femi and Nick -- the race is getting hotter and having to say goodbye to teams is getting a lot harder as we get to know them more.

In no particular order, we thought we'd break down some wins, fails and notable moments for each of our final five teams.

The Amazing Race


5 Of The Best Moments From The Zambia Leg Of 'The Amazing Race Australia'

This week had some emotional highs and lows, and some literal highs and lows as teams swung across gorges, dug through animal poo and had bucket-loads of breakdowns.

Jasmin and Jerome

Amazing Race Australia: The Final Five Teams
Image: Network 10.

Strengths: Kindness, respect, integrity, throwing shade at influencers.

Weaknesses: Fermented horse milk.

Wins: One.

Closest call to elimination: Fifth place in Leg 7.

We aren't supposed to play favourites but Jasmin and Jerome are definitely favourites. The pair have played a smart game, using alliances but making sure to rely on no one but themselves.

They've also proven themselves to be incredible role models -- not just for their son but for the entire country -- treating everyone they meet along the way with the utmost respect.

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'We're Here For Him': Amazing Race Teams Surprised With Message From Home

As they raced between Zimbabwe and Zambia, our six teams received a surprise message from home to lift their spirits.

Despite beating Tom and Tyler for the first place spot in Leg 5, the Deadly Duo cut it close later in the race when they barely nudged in front of Sid and Ash in Leg 7. Thankfully that's the closest the pair have come to the chopping block and frankly, if they could keep it that way, that would be great.

Tom & Tyler

Amazing Race Australia: The Final Five Teams
Image: Network 10.

Strengths: Dumb luck.

Weaknesses: Setting alarms, helping the competition.

Wins: Six.

Closest call to elimination: Fourth place in Leg 6.

Tom and Tyler have had the most incredible run in the race, as the first team to check into the pit stop a massive six out of eight times. The closest they've come to the back of the pack was an unlucky day in Mongolia that saw them fall to fourth out of seven, but the very next day they slid right back into first.

It feels like the footy mates are unstoppable at this stage, with luck on their side they've been able to glide through a lot of the challenges. They're fit, they're agile ... as long as they remember to set their alarms and stop giving other teams help they could continue this winning streak all the way to the end.

Viv and Joey

Amazing Race Australia: The Final Five Teams
Image: Network 10.

Strengths: Teamwork, sassing each other.

Weaknesses: Buckets.

Wins: None just yet, but the mighty duo have placed second in three legs.

Closest call to elimination: Fifth place in Leg 8.

If your heart didn't break watching Viv and Joey struggle to deliver buckets full of water to a chief at the end of Leg 8, you may be a robot (or an Influencer). Never giving up, Joey also never cracked it at his sister when she was struggling.

The pair have been strategic, smart and always looked out for each other throughout the race.

While they haven't been the first team to land on the pit stop mat in any of the legs so far, they've come pretty close, so don't rule out these underdogs.

Femi and Nick

Amazing Race Australia: The Final Five Teams
Image: Network 10.

Strengths: Getting lost.

Weaknesses: Reading a compass, following directions, knowing what "North" is.

Wins: None so far.

Closest call to elimination: Honestly, too many to count.

Femi and Nick said it best when they asked: "How are we even still in the race?" The lovable nurses are ... let's just be honest, they're terrible at following directions, but oh my god do we love them.

Watching the pair skate their way through challenges only to be undone by driving in the wrong direction, riding a camel in the wrong direction or just walking in the wrong direction -- Femi and Nick have had quite a few close calls coming second-last three times during the race.

After the nightmare detour in Mongolia where teams had to dig for their next clue -- Femi and Nick really rallied to get back with the pack and actually managed to arrive fifth, but their time penalty meant they were pushed back to sixth when Viv and Joey slid in before the two hours were up. Since then, though, the boys have done their very best not to miss TOO many turn-offs or drive in the wrong direction.

Let's just hope the only direction they're heading from here on out is to the win.

Tim and Rod

Amazing Race Australia: The Final Five Teams
Image: Network 10.

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'Can You Even Milk A Goat?': Tim And Rod's Best Quotes So Far

Rod said it best when he turned to his husband and asked, "Do you listen to yourself when you speak?!"

Strengths: Busting a move.

Weaknesses: World trivia.

Wins: None so far, but they've checked in second three times.

Closest call to elimination: Not even one!

Newlyweds Tim and Rod have proven that they're our favourite quote-machines in the race. From being the number one fans of the "Zimbabwe bobsledding team" to trying to milk a male goat, the boys' time in the race has been hysterically funny to watch.

The fellas have also proven that they're definitely threats in the race, in peak physical condition the fearsome twosome have barely slipped to the back of the pack all race. The closest call the boys have had was during Leg 5 when they were the fifth team out of eight to check-in, so they don't need to sweat just yet.

Here's hoping there are a few more dancing challenges ahead to make sure the boys are safe for another day.

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