5 Of The Best Moments From The Zambia Leg Of 'The Amazing Race Australia'

This week had some emotional highs and lows, and some literal highs and lows as teams swung across gorges, dug through animal poo and had bucket-loads of breakdowns.

Yep, Zambia sure was an eventful leg of the race and now with just five teams remaining, the race is getting even closer as we get to the pointy end of the competition.

Here are some of our favourite moments from the Zambia leg of the race:

A warm welcome:

Teams actually flew into Zimbabwe, before heading across the border into Zambia. In doing so, they were welcomed with a beautiful ceremony of... well... getting spat in the face.

Okay, sure we initially thought this welcome was only reserved for the Influencers (maybe payback orchestrated by the nuns?) but what more could you ask for after a long flight?

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Personalised clues:

Partway through the first Zambia leg, teams found iPads loaded with a recorded message from their loved ones waiting for them. After being away from their families and friends without their phones to check in with them, emotions were definitely running high for some of the gang.

Amazing Race Teams Surprised With Messages From Home

A gorge-ous way to spend a day:

Kicking off the next leg, teams found the roadblock that would see one member from each team conquering a 70-metre freefall drop as they swung across the Batoka Gorge.

5 Of The Best Moments From The Zambia Leg Of 'The Amazing Race Australia'
The entire gorge was filled with Joey's screams of, "VIV, YOU OWE ME SO MUCH!" Photo: Network 10.

Swinging above the Zambezi river, not only did the teams get a major adrenaline rush but -- most shocking of all -- they managed to do so without dropping a single F-bomb. Meanwhile, from the comfort of our couch, we were swearing like sailors.

Getting the s--ts:

A fast forward is a rare opportunity for teams to risk it for the biscuit, taking on a challenge that could see them bypass all remaining challenges for that leg and head straight to the pit stop IF they complete it in time.

Tom and Tyler have been at the front of the pack for a bulk of the race (except for the time they accidentally slept in), and with their headstart in Zambia once again they decided to give it a shot, or should we say a s--t because their task involved matching animals to their various poops and it was well and truly magical.

5 Of The Best Moments From The Zambia Leg Of 'The Amazing Race Australia'
After a tense challenge, Tom and Tyler narrowly avoided getting the s--ts with each other. Photo: Network 10.

With a helpful "menu" of poop types, the boys were able to match the craps with helpful hints like lion poo being "dark green or black (due to dried blood) with hair". Delicious.

Also, it wouldn't be a challenge for the footy mates without them being massive dorks and throwing animal crap down each other's shirts. Boys will be boys.

Saying f--k it to the bucket:

There have been some really tough challenges so far in the race but sometimes even the simplest task can be the toughest. To complete their second leg in Zambia, teams needed to deliver buckets of water to the chief of Mpala village.

But that delivery needed to be done in the traditional manner, with buckets carried on their heads. For Viv, the bucket full of water was a crushing weight on her small but mighty frame meaning she and Joey had to take a handful of breaks on the journey to the village.

Falling behind the other teams and losing any lead they had, a defeated Viv and Joey made it to the pit stop in last place.

5 Of The Best Moments From The Zambia Leg Of 'The Amazing Race Australia'
5 Of The Best Moments From The Zambia Leg Of 'The Amazing Race Australia'
Bucketloads of love. Photo: Network 10.

"Of all things on the race, this was the hardest one," Viv said fighting back tears.

"Doesn't matter what happens now," Joey added, "We made it to the mat. Made it the whole way. I wouldn't have done this race with anyone else and, seriously, she exceeded all expectations today. She pushed through. I'm so proud of her."

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