'We're Here For Him': Amazing Race Teams Surprised With Message From Home

As they raced between Zimbabwe and Zambia, our six teams received a surprise message from home to lift their spirits.

After completing a detour that saw teams either attempt to plough eight furrows in a field or build a section of a fence, the final six returned to their cars to find iPads with details of their next clue.

Each team had a recorded message from their families, giving them words of encouragement as well as the location of their next clue.

Before starting the race teams had to surrender their phones and devices, so these messages were the first time they had any contact from back home so far.

For Jasmin and Jerome, getting a chance to see their son was bittersweet as they had been missing him so much, but it also gave them the reminder of why they are in the race to begin with.

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"This could change our lives back home," Jerome said of the race and its $250,000 prize, "we want to be able to build him a home, set him up for life. Winning this race is massive for us."

"Let's just keep racing our race," he added, "Let's not give up."

Tim and Rod's message from their mums also had them in tears.

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"For them to say that they were proud of us just made our day," Tim said, "and just gave us that energy to fight all the way to the end."

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Rod said it best when he turned to his husband and asked, "Do you listen to yourself when you speak?!"

Meanwhile, Tom and Tyler were getting a bit of locker room encouragement from AFL legend Paul Roos -- who just so happens to be Tyler's dad.

While it was a great surprise for a lot of the teams, they didn't have a lot of time to celebrate with their time in Zambia coming to a nail-biter of a finish on the first leg.

Finishing up at the Elephant Cafe along the Zambezi river, Jasmin and Jerome were fighting to the very last power-walk to get to the pit stop ahead of influencers Sid and Ash.

While the influencers weren't able to sneak ahead of the Deadly Duo -- luck appeared to be on their side with a non-elimination round.

But it looks like a rivalry is brewing and with both teams at the back of the pack, things are about to get interesting.

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