'Naughty': Bachelorette Angie Kent Spills On Sex Life With Carlin Sterritt

Following last night's finale of 'The Bachelorette' in which Angie Kent chose Carlin Sterritt as the winner over fan favourite Timm Hanly, the loved-up pair have spoken out on life after 'The Bachelorette'.

Speaking on Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Angie and Carlin didn't hold back on dishing the details about their love life when host Beau Ryan cheekily questioned Angie as to whether her boyfriend was a “good lover”.

“I mean we got to hang out a few times before now, it’s not like last night was the first time we did it,” Angie shared.

“He’s excellent. Everybody thinks he’s a nice little Christian boy, but watch out for them Christian boys, they naughty,” she added.

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'The Beginning Of Real Life': Angie And Carlin Post First Updates As A Couple

Following a finale that saw Angie Kent finally say she was falling in love with Carlin Sterritt, the pair have been able to post their first messages as a couple.

The X-rated deets come after the bubbly blonde gushed about her man in a "first corny couple post" following Thursday night's finale, where she captioned a snap of herself embracing the winner along with the caption:

"I recently read from one of my favourite modern-day poets @yung_pueblo ‘make sure the walls you build to protect yourself do not become your prison’ I built up some big ol walls over the years," Angie wrote.

"I have my reasons. We all do. The reality is none of us are going to be a walk in the park to be with. We’ve all suffered or are suffering from something. That’s life."

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The Bachelorette Australia 2019: Angie Kent Picks Carlin Sterritt

After a long journey to find her perfect man, Angie Kent finally admitted she had found the one with Carlin Sterritt.

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'Timm For Bachelor 2020': Fans In Meltdown Over Heartbreaking 'Bachelorette' Finale

After a heart-wrenching finale, fans have begun demanding Timm Hanly become the Bachelor for 2020.

"So when you meet someone willing to see past these walls and committed to understanding you and want to grow with you.... don’t let past conditioning, ego or pride get in the way," she added.

"You knew. Even when I doubted you because of these walls. You were patient with me. Thank you for fighting for us and knowing what we have was real and pure from the very beginning. You are exactly what I wanted and more coming into this. I love you my Noh Noh @carlinsterritt."

She concluded the sweet post by thanking fans for "come on this adventure", adding, "The End...Fairytale style. The beginning of real life! x"

Carlin also showed some love for his leading lady, penning a cute Instagram message that said, "Those who have gone before us, know that you don’t need to go on a reality TV show to find love... However, I can confirm, that you can go on a reality TV show and find love"

He continued, "It’s real. It’s raw. It’s our love story! I love you Angie and I’m SO excited for a future with you".

Image: Network 10