This Is Why Osher Günsberg Won't Be In 'The Bachelorette' Finale

As Angie Kent makes her final choice on Thursday night's episode of 'The Bachelorette', one important, flawless-haired individual will be missing (and it's not just Ciarran).

For the first time ever during six years of 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette', everyone's favourite host Osher Günsberg will not be present during the show's finale to impart his whispers of wisdom onto Angie Kent and her two final bachelors.

But he had a really, really good reason for bailing on the show's final moments -- his wife, Audrey Griffen, had just gone into labour with his firstborn bub, Wolfgang, aka Wolfie.

In fact, Audrey's contractions had first begun as Osher was filming the final scenes of 'The Masked Singer Australia' -- only for them to discover it was a false start.

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The Time Has Come To Praise The Man Bun

The current season of 'The Bachelorette' brings the usual assembly of toned tanned torsos for us to admire.

"First off-- contractions are not like in the movies where they're like, 'I'm having contractions, oh my God I'm in labour, I've had the baby!' and that's all over within a couple of minutes," Osher explained to 10 daily.

"In our case, my wife's contractions lasted about seven, maybe 10 days. We had three false starts and had gotten really close, but never managed to go into labour, but she was still having these contractions seven minutes apart, so it was going to kick off at any moment."

He continued, "I was at the mansion one night talking to my bosses and letting them know what was happening,  and they just looked at me and went on 'You can't miss this -- this is just a TV show, you go ahead and do that -- we'll figure this out'."



'A Lot Of Confusion': How Osher Günsberg's Gender Reveal Party Almost Went Wrong

Prior to welcoming their son Wolfie into the world, Osher and his wife Audrey had a gender reveal party of epic proportions.

Adding that he and his wife felt "incredibly lucky" for having the unwavering support of the Bach fam, he also revealed that he personally told Angie that he wouldn't be able to make it for her final decision.

"I even rang Angie and said, 'Listen, Audrey has been having contractions a couple of minutes apart for the last few days, I don't know if I'm going to make it' -- but she totally understood," he said.

"I'm incredibly lucky that this is the workplace I have. There are more things that you absolutely cannot miss, and they were there for me and allowed us to have that moment together as a family". 

And while the birth of his son was obviously unmissable, he admitted that it was "odd" not to be present during Angie's final choice.

"I'm the one doing the breaking up the whole season -- I'm the one that says, you know, this man or woman isn't into you, it's time to go' -- that's my job," he began.

"So this is the only time they do it by themselves. I do like to be there with them on that final day to look them in the eye and say, 'You can do this and it's gonna be okay' and when it's all done, hug the happy couple and send them off into the wilderness," he said.

"I wasn't able to be there for Angie but, fortunately, she understood," he said, adding, "She's a very self-aware young woman so she didn't need any of my emotional emotional advice, that's for sure".

This year we've struggled to pick exactly who we think is the surefire winner, as opposed to previous year's obvious frontrunners, but Osher admitted he's "always surprised" when it comes to the final few contestants each season.

"I'm always surprised because what I want in a partner is not necessarily what someone else wants. So whoever they pick is whoever they pick, and if that's what they want, that's what they want," he explained.

He continued, "I have to remember that the way I feel about my partner is the way they feel about their partner. Like, the way I feel about Viking metal could be the same way someone feels about dubstep -- and who's to say those feelings are invalid?"

He added, "Except that Viking metal is pretty rad."

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