'I Still Feel Like She's My Dream Girl': Ryan Anderson's Shock Elimination Rocks The Rose Ceremony

The only intruder this season, Ryan's arrival was a shock to the bachelors having already established a year-long connection with Angie in the real world.

And on Wednesday night, in one of the most dramatic rose ceremonies ever, Ryan was sent home -- just days before the grand finale.

"I guess the only word to use would be shocked," Ryan told 10 daily after leaving the bachelor mansion.

"It was a bit unexpected because I did have such a good hometown with Angie," he said, "and I had a really great day out with her on the boat, so I was feeling confident going into [the rose ceremony]. It did come a bit out of left field."

Saying that he felt like he "went blank" after Timm's name was called out instead of his, Ryan added it was the first time he couldn't really get a feeling on who would be going home. Usually at the cocktail party, the bachelors would debrief on their dates, but this time they didn't have that opportunity.

"I was feeling calm and comfortable knowing I had said and done everything that I'd wanted to do prior to going into the rose ceremony," he said. "At that stage, it was completely out of my hands."

When it came time for Angie to make the decision it was clear it wasn't easy for her. Having to leave the rose ceremony, breaking down in tears and sobbing after calling out Timm's name, Ryan said it was difficult -- but at the end of the day, it wasn't about him.

'I Still Feel Like She's My Dream Girl': Ryan's Shock Elimination Rocks The Rose Ceremony
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"Ultimately the show was about Angie finding love," he said, "and I hope that whoever she ended up picking found in her what I had, and that they were there for the right reasons and genuine."

"I just wanted Angie to be happy, even if it meant not being with me."

As the car pulled away from the mansion, a shocked Ryan attempted to process things telling the crew, "I still feel like she's my dream girl". Since leaving the show Ryan admitted it has been difficult to watch the show back knowing what was coming.

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He couldn't decide if he would watch his last rose ceremony.

"I've gotten to the point where I'm in a good headspace and I don't know if I need to relive that particular moment," he said, adding, "I think once was enough for me."

Despite the heartbreaking ending to his time on 'The Bachelorette', Ryan said he has absolutely no regrets.

"When it's all said and done, I think there would have been greater regret by not [applying for the show]. I wouldn't have been able to live with that regret of not knowing what is.

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There are good dates, there are great dates and then there's Angie and Timm painting sunflowers together.

"It wasn't the ideal outcome but I learned a lot about myself as a person and I think she and I are now greater friends."

Now the pair, who sent messages via Instagram's direct messages for over a year, have had to navigate a new chapter in their relationship which Ryan admitted has become "a hard dynamic".

"I want to respect the new relationship that she's in, so we haven't been talking like we had been, but... I think it's that mutual understanding."

As for if he would ever apply for another show like 'The Bachelorette' again, Ryan said he'd probably skip the dating shows for a while.

"I mean, one of the adventure ones -- 'The Amazing Race' or 'Survivor' -- I'd give that a crack because it's completely different. I'd love to do something like that," he said.

"As far as dating reality TV show goes, I think that my career doing that was short-lived."

'The Bachelorette Australia' grand finale airs Thursday, November 14 at 7.30pm on 10, 10 play and Win Network.