'The Race Never Beat Me, It Was A Camel': Chris Is Still Recovering From His 'Amazing Race' Injury

Initially falling behind the other teams, Chris and Adrienne managed to claw their way back into the middle of the pack until they met a very unruly camel, spelling disaster for the pair.

Ahead of three other teams, the alpaca farmer and firefighter looked to be safely heading into the next leg of the race, but their camel had other ideas.

"Adrienne picked the biggest camel because I'm a fairly big guy," Chris told 10 daily via the phone.

"He was not a particularly pleasant camel, he was complaining before I hopped on."

"Basically he didn't want me to ride him," Chris added explaining that once they got into a steady pace, things seemed to be going fine.

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"Sid and Ash and Tom and Tyler come running down the hill with their camels, and we were probably three-quarters of a kilometre in front of them and they caught up very quickly running," he said.

Seeing their place in the race threatened, Adrienne attempted to hand her backpack to her husband to free her up to run the rest of the way to the pit stop.

"As she's passing up the backpack," Chris said, "the camel pig rooted, like a horse would pig root, and caught me off-balance."

Hitting the deck, Chris said the wind was completely knocked out of him -- and in his attempts to catch his breath he initially didn't realise the extent of his injuries.

The Amazing Race Australia Chris And Adrienne Forced To Leave The Race
Thrown off the camel, Chris broke his ribs putting an end to their time in the race. Image: Network 10.

"I then knew I had done some damage to my ribs," he said.

Because teams were deep in the dunes of the Mongol Els, Chris and Adrienne had to get a bus -- what Chris called the "bus ride from hell" -- to the closest hospital.

A doctor told Chris he had broken two or three ribs, performing an X-ray to make sure he hadn't done any worse damage.

"I'm still suffering with it. I still can't roll over in bed -- I've only just started sleeping on my side and if I try to take a full breath of air I still get pain down my left-hand side of my ribs.

The Amazing Race Australia Chris And Adrienne Forced To Leave The Race
"Lying out in the sand in the middle of the desert," Adrienne comforted Chris after his accident. Image: Network 10.

"I've still got a stiff neck from whiplash, so you know, I can't do any manual labour," he said, "life is certainly not back to normal. I've still got a way to go."

Aside from the camel mishap, Chris said he and Adrienne loved their race experience.

"I would do it again in a heartbeat," he said -- adding the caveat that any future adventures would have to omit any green rice.

"I could hardly chew for the next three or four days," he said of the eating challenge that saw him creating a cocktail of cốm (new green rice) and Vietnamese coffee at the bottom of a bucket during the Ninh Binh leg.

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"I think I had to drink eight cups of coffee," he said, "that was the only moisture you could get, this coffee, just to try and swallow it.

"When we got to the pit stop, Adrienne was worried about how much coffee that I drank -- that my heart rate wasn't going crazy!"

While it must be tough for Chris and Adrienne's exit to be so out of their control, Chris said their biggest issue is the FOMO they're getting seeing what some of the other teams got up to in the legs they didn't make.

"Watching [the teasers] we're feeling a bit of envy and sadness that we didn't get to do some of the skydiving or bungee jumping or whatever," he said, "so maybe we'll have to try to put our hands up again and try to do it all again."

"The race never beat me, it was the camel, so maybe they'll have to hand me a wildcard entry."

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