'My Blame Is Going Straight To Him': Vladimir Putin Had A Hand In Hayley And Mikayla's Elimination

It's not every team that can blame the President of Russia for having a role in their elimination from a reality TV show.

But for Hayley and Mikayla, luck certainly wasn't on their side when it came to 'The Amazing Race' and neither, it appears, was Putin.

Speaking to 10 daily via the phone after they were the last team to check-in at the pit stop at Mongolia's Chingisiin Khuree, the Foruria sisters said lucky truly wasn't on their side.

The first challenge saw the seven remaining teams digging through sand dunes for their next clue with the sisters and nurses Nick and Femi digging for four hours before they had exceeded the challenge's time limit.

The Amazing Race


'Amazing Race Australia': New Alliances, Friend-Zoning, Betrayal And Near Misses

Mongolia saw new relationships formed, old ones tested and one team narrowly avoid elimination.

"It was so hot," Hayley said, "It's surprising how much you need your hand and fingers to dig with. Some of the other teams thought it was a great idea to dig with their water bottles in the middle of the desert,"  she said before coughing Nick and Femi's names, "but my hands were so sore for maybe a week after the challenge."

After bending over trying to dig their way to the next clue, both teams were handed a time penalty at the pit stop for not uncovering a clue.

But they were able to make up great time, blasting through the remaining challenges.

"We left at the same time as Femi and Nick," Mikayla said, "but their driver knew a sneaky shortcut. They got to the next detour an hour before us."

Sometimes there are elements of the race completely out of your control and for Hayley and Mikayla, one of those elements was Putin's arrival in Mongolia.

"The traffic was crazy and we couldn't work out why, but Putin was in Mongolia the day we were eliminated. Everyone was going into the city for a big ceremony," Hayley said.

"So, thanks Vladimir Putin... like, can you not?"

Digging for their clue wasn't the only time Hayley and Mikayla were unlucky in the race -- despite having a massive lead on other teams in Vietnam, the dreaded green rice challenge saw Mikayla celebrating her birthday bent over a bucket.

"It was terrible," Mikayla said, "I didn't expect to spend my 25th birthday eating rice but the clue said 'Who's feeling lucky?' I thought what's luckier than doing a challenge on my birthday?"

The Amazing Race Australia: Hayley And Mikayla Foruria Eliminated
Not impressed. Mikayla was stuck eating packets of rice for hours while other teams left almost as quickly as they arrived. Photo: Network 10.

Losing track of just how many packets of new green rice (cốm), production later told Mikayla she finished 24 of them while other teams like Tom and Tyler and Rod and Tim were lucky enough to not even eat a single grain before moving onto their next challenge.

"We were there for hours. I couldn't keep counting, I'd eat one and then vomit it up," she said. Because teams were only allowed to drink Vietnamese coffee provided, the dry rice began to take its toll on Mikayla -- who isn't a fan of coffee at the best of times.

The Amazing Race


'Amazing Race Australia': Here's Why That Green Rice Caused A Stream Of Tears And Vomit

Compared to boot camps, whitewater rafting and flyboarding, eating a bit of rice seems fairly easy... right?

When the packets of rice were coming back up, the lack of moisture meant was scratching her throat. "It was like vomiting a dry sausage of rice," she poetically described.

Then, on the first leg of Mongolia, the teams were tasked with polishing off a delightful bowl of fermented horse milk.

"I had only just started eating again after the rice and they handed me a big bowl of milk that had been sitting out for weeks," Mikayla said. "You're trying to be respectful but I just couldn't stomach it."

The Amazing Race Australia: Hayley And Mikayla Foruria Eliminated
After 'The Amazing Race', Mikayla can stomach just about anything. Photo: Network 10.

While the sisters were disappointed in their elimination, the influencers were probably thrilled after deciding Hayley and Mikayla had crossed a line in stealing their cab. Watching the episode back, this fierce rivalry was news to the sisters.

"We had no idea," Mikayla said of the blood feud between the two teams, explaining, "We both ordered a taxi at the same time so when it arrived we were like great! We had no idea."

"We actually thought it was our taxi," Hayley added, "I don't even think it was their taxi. It's funny because they were throwing shade and we didn't even know why.

'Amazing Race Australia': New Alliances, Friend-Zoning, Betrayal And Near Misses
Friend request denied. Photo: Network 10.

"We just thought they were being generally standoffish."

Despite making enemies for life (or whatever), Hayley and Mikayla were thrilled about their time in the race, adding that they now feel like they have something to prove if they ever got a second chance.

"If it didn't come down to luck, we thought we were in for a good shot for the finale," Mikayla said. "We want a second shot!"

"My blame," Hayley added, "is going to Putin."

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