Reality Star Hopeful Leaves Judges And Viewers Disgusted

A contestant on 'Germany's Got Talent' has left viewers and judges gobsmacked after her cheeky performance.

Duckie L’Orange had viewers speechless during her stint on the reality show -- 'Das Supertalent' -- in a bizarre performance that began with L'Orange pulling a string of sausages from her apron and dropping them on the floor.

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The panel's look of confusion as to what L'orange had up her sleeve quickly turned to that of shock and disgust as the performer then headed to the back of the stage, removed her pants to reveal her bare backside -- which had a dog face drawn on it -- and scooted up the stage as she "ate" the sausages, clenching her cheeks to portray the dog chewing.

Barking loudly as she ran around the stage, the audience screamed in shock as judges Sylvie Meis,  Bruce Darnell and Dieter Bohlen clasped their hands to their faces, not knowing how to react to the bizarre performance.

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According to her website, L’Orange is a comedian and children’s performer with skills in puppetry and burlesque, with the site describing her as "a Berlin-based performance artist with a twist".

Despite giving an, erm, hungry performance, the artist failed to make it through to the next round of the competition.

That's ruff!

If you'd like to do yourself the disservice of watching the act you can check the video out here -- but don't say we didn't warn you!

Image: YouTube