'The Bachelorette Australia': Is Angie's The Most Unpredictable Season Yet?

Usually, at this point in 'The Bachelorette', we're confident we know where things are heading but for Angie's season, it's all up in the air.

Angie's final three bachelors -- Timm, Carlin and Ryan -- each have their pros and cons from the stories we've seen and their connections with Angie so far.

But one thing's for sure --  no one can agree on who she'll pick at the end.

Unpredictability has been the crux of this entire season.

Looking all the way back to the very first episode, who would have thought that out of all the wild arrivals it would have been Ciarran, the sexual Willy Wonka, to have been the most down-to-earth and emerge as the fan-fave.

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Ryan, Timm Or Carlin? How Do The Final Three 'Bachelorette' Boys Stack Up?

Our favourite pie-spokesman Jackson didn't make the cut after hometowns so it's down to Ryan, Carlin and Timm.

In fact, when it comes to Angie's final three, we think this could be the most unpredictable season finale ever. Sure, there's always a level of doubt as to who a Bachelorette may pick at the end, but this time it definitely feels like an even playing field of confusion.

The case for Ryan: 

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Speaking of unpredictable, on the second group date of the season, who rocked up but Ryan. Innocently ushering a handful of dogs onto the scene, the other bachelors were too distracted by the pups to realise Ryan was actually an intruder. Not only that, but he and Angie had history. The pair had been sliding into each other's DMs for an entire year!

Here's the thing, Angie was stoked to see Ryan and out of all our bachelors he's nabbed the most alone time with Ange -- with two single dates and two date extensions before hometowns.

Angie and Ryan have a lot in common -- they both love dogs, they both love DMing -- and they've definitely forged a strong connection. Just watching their last single date before hometowns was enough to get anyone hot under the collar, but he also seems like the kind of guy Angie has been describing all season, not the usual bad boys she goes for but someone more grounded.

Ryan's biggest hurdle: 

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The AussieDogGuy was in the AussieDogHouse following the last supper cocktail party where he revealed he had auditioned for 'The Bachelorette' before, despite EXPLICITLY telling Angie he'd only ever apply for a show like this for her and her alone.

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'Be Honest Because I Will Find Out': Ryan's Bombshell Shatters Angie's Trust

During an extremely uncomfortable round of dinner party truth-telling, Ryan made a confession that Angie wasn't expecting.

But during hometowns, it seemed like Ryan was genuinely apologetic and what's more, he seemed really cut up that his dishonesty had hurt Angie and his chances at being The One.

But can Angie really trust Ryan now?

The case for Carlin:

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Let's just be honest for a moment, Carlin is one beautiful man. Carlin is so handsome, sometimes it's easy to convince yourself that somewhere there's an oil painting aging instead of him. But Carlin's also proven himself to be really personable but also intense.

Carlin and Angie got off to a great start, with him scoring the 24-hour rose giving the pair a LOT of hours to get to know each other during the very first single date of the season.

As pointed out by Punkee's editor Tahlia Prichard on the podcast 'The Reality Bite: Cocktails & Roses', Carlin is the only bachelor that Angie mentions she misses when she speaks about him.

Carlin's biggest hurdle:

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Unfortunately, Carlin's time on 'The Bachelorette' has also seen him have to dodge the rumours that he's not on the show "for the right reasons". Firstly Jamie threw him under the bus, saying he heard Carlin mention he wanted to be 'The Bachelor 2020', adding that he was just there for his acting career.

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Four Nightmare Hometowns: Here's What Angie Had To Endure

The hometown visits from every season of 'The Bachelorette' or 'The Bachelor' are meant to be all about solidifying a connection and easing into family life with a potential winner.

Things only got worse during hometowns, when Carlin's own brother actually agreed with Jamie's accusations, saying Carlin's initial intentions pretty much were to further his acting career.

Things were left in a pretty dire place, with both Carlin and Angie in tears. But is this something they could overcome? Or has their connection been too hounded by these rumours to come back from?

The case for Timm:

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Like Ciarran, no one expected Timm to be the lovable bundle of joy he has turned out to be. When Timm and Angie hang out, she never stops smiling, and the pair seem to genuinely connect and have a blast together.

While Angie was initially worried that Timm was just a bit of a joker, taking him on a single date where they went through photos of his childhood really saw Timm open up and speak from the heart.

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'I Have Crumbled Like An Old Piece Of Cake': Timm's Funniest Lines From That Disastrous Date

Timm has made a name for himself as the poet laureate of 'The Bachelorette' this season.

One other thing to remember -- when Angie was in one of the most tumultuous cocktail parties of the season (if not history), she immediately turned to Timm as someone she could trust.

Like this season -- Timm is completely unpredictable, and that's definitely part of his appeal, we never know what he's going to do next but we always want to find out. Timm's also completely smitten with Angie and -- from the major pash they had after his hometown visit -- we're pretty sure Angie feels the same way.

Timm's biggest hurdle: 

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Aside from his BFF Jackson trying to sabotage Timm's chances of being the one Angie picks, Timm has been relatively unscathed when it comes to scandals -- but there is the quiet worry in the back of Angie's head that Timm may not be ready to settle down like she is.

Also, his butt tatts.

So where is this all heading?

Well, following hometowns we got a sneak peek at what looks like a VERY emotional rose ceremony, meaning Angie is about to send home someone that means a LOT to her.

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Could it be someone she has a solid connection with like Carlin? Could it be someone that makes her heart sing like Timm? Or could it be the perfect-on-paper Ryan?

We're going to spend the whole weekend stressing about this.

Think you've worked out who Angie's number one is? We want to hear your theories.

'The Bachelorette Australia' Finale Week kicks off Wednesday November 13 at 7.30pm on 10, 10 play and Win Network.

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