Ryan, Timm Or Carlin? How Do The Final Three 'Bachelorette' Boys Stack Up?

Our favourite pie-spokesman Jackson didn't make the cut after hometowns so it's down to Ryan, Carlin and Timm.

It's been a tricky season to pinpoint a frontrunner -- with drama surrounding some of Angie's faves -- so we've decided to collate the boys' best traits and list a few of the things that might mean a relationship with our Bachelorette is on the cards.

The countdown to the final rose ceremony begins!


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There was an instant attraction between Angie and Carlin from the get-go when he strolled up the red carpet in a Bond-esque white dinner jacket. The fitness enthusiast quickly scored the 24-hour rose and the first single date with Angie.

Unfortunately, his Prince Charming bubbles was burst shortly after as he revealed to Angie on their camping trip that he was still technically married.

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'Things Didn't Really Go To Plan': Jackson Admits He Should Have Opened Up A Lot Earlier

The crown prince of pies was a favourite from the early days, managing to charm Angie all the way to hometowns, but Jackson fumbled when it came to admitting his feelings for the Bachelorette.

 Pros: Carlin's been very open and honest about his feelings for Angie and was also the one to put his foot down and approach her about Jess' unacceptable behaviour in the mansion.

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Cons: Angie has some lingering concerns that Carlin still hasn't processed his break-up and felt a little awkward being the first girl he'd brought to his family home since his separation.

Carlin's brother confirmed Angie's worst fears and admitted that he probably did join 'The Bachelorette' for his acting career, bringing all the bad feelings surrounding Jamie's initial warning to her bubbling right back up.

Hometown kiss?: No. Neither Jackson nor Carlin scored a smooch at the door as Angie bade them farewell and it's not a great sign. Jackson was sent home at the next rose ceremony and Carlin seems to be on thin ice.

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Four Nightmare Hometowns: Here's What Angie Had To Endure

The hometown visits from every season of 'The Bachelorette' or 'The Bachelor' are meant to be all about solidifying a connection and easing into family life with a potential winner.


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Angie and Ryan had a connection via social media before he joined the show, and the dog guy has always been perceived as a front runner. He propelled further forward after their sensuous, touchy-feely date with an intimacy expert but things came crashing down later that night.

During some awkward dinner party questioning, Ryan admitted that he'd applied for Ali's season of 'The Bachelorette' despite repeatedly saying he was only on the show because it was Angie.

It meant that Angie's hometown visit to the NSW south coast had a bit of a sour tinge because of what had been revealed at the previous cocktail party dinner party disaster and Ryan's fate seems a little uncertain.

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Pros: Angie didn't muck around in questioning Ryan and he explained that he didn't actually apply to the show, he was asked, and that he didn't know the identity of the Bachelorette at that time. Which is half pro/half con because Angie's still not sure if she fully believes him.

But, for what it's worth, Ryan made a very heartfelt declaration of his "deadset" strong feelings for her and teared up as they were saying goodbye. Angie was moved and the pair left things on a very positive note.

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Jackson Garlick Explains His Leonardo DiCaprio Photoshop Fail

While he may not have received a rose after hometowns, Jackson still had a smile on his face -- but it wasn't because of his famous Hollywood friends.

Cons: Angie clearly still feels that something's a little off about the whole 'Bachelorette' application and was then put on the spot by his family who assured her he's a great guy. It doesn't sit right with us that Ryan hates that he's coming across as a liar, instead of saying he hates that he lied.

Hometown kiss?: Yes! A very genuine smooch, a good sign from Angie.


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Timm and Angie had a serendipitous connection over their love of sunflowers right from the beginning and share a similar sense of humour. There's definite chemistry between the pair despite a few speed bumps, like that awkward elegant dinner.

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'Be Honest Because I Will Find Out': Ryan's Bombshell Shatters Angie's Trust

During an extremely uncomfortable round of dinner party truth-telling, Ryan made a confession that Angie wasn't expecting.

Pros: Timm's been labelled a sh** stirrer by some of the other boys, but in the least harmful way. He's one of the few bachelors that hasn't gone through some kind of drama or scandal and he has a way of putting Angie at ease because she knows she can trust him, and rely on him for a laugh.

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Cons: Timm should have probably hired some actors for his hometown visit or at least not invited his best mate along for dinner. Angie could have been anyone and Jackson would have attempted to scare her away, clearly concerned that she wouldn't fit into their "party boy" lifestyle.

Angie said she's always going to believe Timm's word over anyone else's and believed him when he said he was ready to slow down, but she was initially quite worried about his apparently ~wild~ lifestyle.

Hometown kiss?: Yes! Even though Angie copped a grilling, she and Timm left things on very cute terms, sharing an intimate goodbye kiss.

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