Four Nightmare Hometowns: Here's What Angie Had To Endure

The hometown visits from every season of 'The Bachelorette' or 'The Bachelor' are meant to be all about solidifying a connection and easing into family life with a potential winner.

Sure, there are usually a few duds or disasters (like Helena during Matt Agnew's season or Ali's fateful trip to Bill's dog park) but usually, the episode gives you a clear idea of who's going to make it till the very end of the show.

Angie visited the hometowns of her top four boys -- Timm, Ryan, Jackson and Carlin -- and each trip presented a unique combination of torture, truth bombs and trust issues.

Timm: A Terrigal Interrogation

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Or should we say a terrible interrogation because Angie got absolutely grilled by Timm's best mate Jackson who was clearly concerned he was about to lose his best party buddy.

Timm took Angie to his favourite cafe on the Central Coast because he's "a mad cafe enthusiast" and then explained that they'd be having dinner at his parents' hotel with his family, his best mate Jackson and Jackson's mum Tracey.

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Ryan, Timm Or Carlin? How Do The Final Three 'Bachelorette' Boys Stack Up?

Our favourite pie-spokesman Jackson didn't make the cut after hometowns so it's down to Ryan, Carlin and Timm.

High point: Timm was very honest, open and vulnerable with Angie and explained that he "100 percent" wanted to be with her and that the hometown visited had "doubled" his strong feelings for her.

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Low point: Jackson was intent on turning Angie away from his best mate, explaining that Timm is not only a party boy, but that he's known as a party boy in multiple Australian states. Angie said that Jackson had really thrown a spanner in the works and she was unsure whether Timm is ready to settle down.

Fun fact: Timm revealed he has Jackson's mum Tracey's name tattooed on his arse and later at dinner, Jackson proudly showed that he'd recently returned the favour with a tat for Timm's mum on his behind.

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Jackson Garlick Explains His Leonardo DiCaprio Photoshop Fail

While he may not have received a rose after hometowns, Jackson still had a smile on his face -- but it wasn't because of his famous Hollywood friends.

Ryan: The Ghost Of Bachelorettes Past Comes A Haunting

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Previously, on 'The Bachelorette', Ryan made a shock confession that he'd applied for Ali's season despite swearing he wasn't really into the whole reality TV game. Angie gave him a rose but the hometown visit was the first time she'd had the opportunity to give him a proper grilling.

High point: Ugh, probably that Ryan teared up and expressed how serious he was about Angie and said that he was "deadset falling" for her which Angie really appreciated, apparently.

Low point: Ryan's family bolstering his lie and turning the situation around to Angie at the dinner table for making him sad. The dog guy has continued to be pretty defensive about his half-truth and said he "didn't even take that into account" when he was promising Angie he would never set foot inside 'The Bachelor' franchise if she wasn't there.

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Fun fact: Ryan's mum's dog definitely did not ask to be involved in that awkward beach chat.

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'Things Didn't Really Go To Plan': Jackson Admits He Should Have Opened Up A Lot Earlier

The crown prince of pies was a favourite from the early days, managing to charm Angie all the way to hometowns, but Jackson fumbled when it came to admitting his feelings for the Bachelorette.

Jackson: A Very Garlicky Roast 

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We learnt a lot about the Garlick family surname and that they have a crest on their front door that reads 'Freeloaders Shalt Not Enter', probably. Jackson took Angie to the suburban paradise of Kingsgrove in Sydney to show her the family business.

High point: Jackson very sweetly arranged for a do-over to make up for his pie disaster on the red carpet months earlier. He presented Ange with a vegan, gluten-free pie, and she was happy she could actually eat his food gift this time around without dying.

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Low point: Mr Garlick insinuated that Angie was a freeloader and that only Sydney-based, hard-working women who hate sick days need apply to be his son's partner. On top of that, Angie didn't hear any kind of convincing argument from Jackson about whether he really feels that strongly about her.

Fun fact: There was not a single pie on the dinner table, not even an entree party pie.

Carlin: The Barefoot Confessor Drops Some Truth Bombs 

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While Timm's mate and Jackson's dad were intentionally trying to turn Angie away, Carlin's brother very sweetly and unintentionally threw his sibling under a bus.

High point: There were really no high points on this hometown visit because Carlin told Angie they'd be going to the gym for a fun (!) workout. They did connect when Carlin explained he'd been bullied at school but it was honestly all downhill on a treadmill from there.

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Low Points: Angie already felt a little bit uncomfortable knowing she was the first girl Carlin would be bringing home since his divorce. Angie sat down with his brother Jarvie for a private chat and to joke about the time she thought Carlin was just using 'The Bachelorette' for his own fortune and glory.

Except instead of laughing along with Angie, Jarvie said something along the lines of, 'Oh yes Carlin loves acting, he probably did sign up to 'The Bachelorette' initially to further his career, which completely stunned Angie.

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Angie confronted Carlin later on who promised that he didn't even like acting much anyway and it was crazy that she -- someone with two TV series under her belt-- hadn't put herself in his shoes!

Both Carlin and Ryan have had a way of saying how annoying it is that they're having to prove their integrity after they've lied and that it "sucks" that they've "come across" as being disingenuous.

The 'Bachelorette' said she was still unsure and maybe it was "too hard" to move forward with Carlin. She left without a smooch and then burst into tears as she walked away from the house.

Fun fact: Carlin's brother kinda looks a little bit like Bevers from 'Broad City'. 

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