Jackson Garlick Explains His Leonardo DiCaprio Photoshop Fail

While he may not have received a rose after hometowns, Jackson still had a smile on his face -- but it wasn't because of his famous Hollywood friends.

Partway through the season, Jackson was rocked by the ~massive scandal~ where Daily Mail Australia had uncovered an Instagram that appeared to be doctored.

In 2016 Jackson posted what appeared to be a selfie with Leonardo DiCaprio. Originally captioning the shot "The one and only", the 25-year-old was called out for the faked pic.

Laughing, Jackson told 10 daily he and his dad were in the States for a conference.

"We were scouting for our store on Hollywood Boulevard and there was a tourist attraction there where you could get yourself photoshopped with celebrities," he said.

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The crown prince of pies was a favourite from the early days, managing to charm Angie all the way to hometowns, but Jackson fumbled when it came to admitting his feelings for the Bachelorette.

"We thought, you know what would be great to g-up mum at home? Dad would get superimposed with Kim Kardashian and I'd get Leo," Jackson continued.

"Our friends are so gullible so -- obviously my dad doesn't have Instagram -- I threw mine up and I just didn't deny it because I thought it would be such a stitch-up to everyone who'd think we actually met him and how jealous they'd be."

"And Dad got Kim K and mum was absolutely fuming!"

While he still admits the post is one of the funniest gags he's pulled, Jackson said once the Daily Mail surfaced the pic he "got a bit of a hammering for that".

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"All the other photos I've had have been accused of potentially being photoshopped so... I copped way more flack off my friends and family than my public can give me," he said, laughing. "It's funny the memes that have come out."

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