'Things Didn't Really Go To Plan': Jackson Admits He Should Have Opened Up A Lot Earlier

The crown prince of pies was a favourite from the early days, managing to charm Angie all the way to hometowns, but Jackson fumbled when it came to admitting his feelings for the Bachelorette.

"It's a bit of a joke, my hometown," Jackson told 10 daily, "I've been saying that as soon as Angie met my family... I got the boot!"

With a hearty laugh, the 25-year-old said his family were actually instrumental in his success on 'The Bachelorette'.

"I got some really good advice from my mum and dad, they said I just had to be myself," he said. "The last thing you'd hate and regret would be if you try to be someone you're not and you're shown the door by Angie."

Adding that the whole experience really taught him a lot about himself, Jackson said it was confronting having to open up about his emotions -- a struggle that would eventually see him not receive a rose on Thursday night.

'Things Didn't Really Go To Plan': Jackson Garlick's 'Bachelorette' Regret
Angie tearfully sent Jackson. Photo: Network 10.

While each of the bachelors was trying to forge their own connection with Angie, Jackson was not only having difficulty attempting to articulate his feelings for her.

"As a footballer, you don't really talk about your feelings much," he said, "You talk about your injuries, but when it comes to feelings, the culture is that you don't really have them."

Similarly, trying to date the same woman as all of his new mates played with his head, with Jackson admitting that he held off articulating his feelings for Angie because he wasn't sure where he stood.

"There were still 18 blokes there, I was like 'Am I being too rash by talking about my feelings?'"

Putting his feelings to the side also impacted how he designed his hometown visit, taking Angie to the HQ of his family business.

'Things Didn't Really Go To Plan': Jackson Garlick's 'Bachelorette' Regret
Redeeming his red carpet mistake of serving a meat pie to Angie who doesn't eat meat, Jackson served a vegan, gluten-free alternative. Photo: Network 10.

"I wanted to show Angie what was a part of my life," he explained, "and how I live my life but I think she just wanted to hear more about me and how I feel about her.

"For me, it was probably an oversight. I didn't think about the feelings side of it too much, I really thought about the future and what would life be like with Angie. That's what I wanted to show her but she was probably more interested in how I felt.

Adding that if he regretted one thing about his time on the show, Jackson said he wished he had spoken his mind and attempted to reveal his feelings for Angie earlier -- or at all. And from all reports, Jackson had fallen pretty hard.

"That was the crushing part -- like holy s--t, she is an amazing person and she's so perfect, I couldn't find a fault. That was the unfortunate, disappointing thing for me," he said of getting so close to the finale. Still, he wasn't surprised when he didn't receive a rose.

"There was a chat that Angie and I had at the end of my hometown visit," Jackson said, "that was quite -- I spent a long time thinking about that, reminding myself I had lost all my opportunities to speak my mind.

"For me, I was expecting to go. I just knew it at the bottom of my heart. I tried to be realistic and that was the point of deciding, when we had that last chat, there was nothing more I could do."

Jackson was also outed at the last supper cocktail party as having applied for 'The Bachelorette' franchise before -- for Georgia Love's season.

While Jackson's age was called into question this season, being one of the younger bachelors in the group, back during his first application he said he was only 22-years-old.

"The first time I had come off a relationship, I was on the heavy rebound and I thought if there's any a place where you can really be vulnerable and expose yourself and your true character it was that process," he said.

Admitting that he was quietly glad he didn't get accepted on his first attempt because he wasn't in the right headspace, Jackson said he never ruled out the 'Bachelorette' experience.

"I thought that there's plenty of reality TV shows you can apply for which are just on there to gain followers, but I felt like -- especially Angie, she was putting her heart on the line to find someone she could spend the rest of her life with and that was something that really appealed to me and the whole process."

Unfortunately, the process didn't work for Jackson this time around but he's not ruling out a second go... so long as things line up with his calendar.

"I was so lucky that my dad's my boss," he said, "for him to give me that much time off in our busy season, I was really grateful for him for doing that. But it's just a matter of logistics really.

"I need to make sure I put my other priorities first, as much as I'd like to find a girl to settle down with for the rest of my life, I can't really give up what pays my wages and also my university degree," he said.

"Maybe if I'm still single in five years time," he suggested.

Looks like we'll have to hit the breaks on our #JacksonForBachelor2020 campaign... for now.

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