'The Chemistry Was Amazing': What An Intimacy Expert Picked Up On Ryan And Angie's Connection

It was the final single date before hometowns, and Ryan and Angie took things from zero to 50 Shades.

Madeleine Marie is many things, but as she explained to 10 daily she's "a healer mostly, but also a love and intimacy coach".

Madeline joined Angie and Ryan on their date to explore the various sides of their connection, and things certainly got a bit steamy.

For Angie, who admitted she's never been properly in love before and has never had her heart broken, Madeleine said she definitely got the feeling it's "what she craved".

"She craves that deep intimacy," Madeline continued, "feeling connected and allowing somebody to make her feel alive enough to get to really know the depths of her, not just her beauty but her internal beauty."

An Intimacy Expert Weighs In On Angie And Ryan
The pair spent the date getting up close and VERY personal, with Madeline there every step of the way. Photo: Network 10.

For Angie and Ryan, they were blindfolded in a wine cellar and put through a series of exercises that explored their senses -- while it looked like something out of '50 Shades of Grey', Madeline said it was all about exploring the deeper side of their connection.

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'Be Honest Because I Will Find Out': Ryan's Bombshell Shatters Angie's Trust

During an extremely uncomfortable round of dinner party truth-telling, Ryan made a confession that Angie wasn't expecting.

"[Couples] find the communication practices -- like what I did on the show -- the most difficult," she said, "they have to look at each other and they're confronted with their feelings, being really honest and raw, which makes them feel very vulnerable. But that's the whole point of going even deeper into intimacy and feeling that deeper connection."

Okay, so the big question is obviously were the blindfolds necessary or was it just something to spice up the afternoon.

Madeline explained that by removing sight, Angie and Ryan were heightening their senses and grounding them in that moment.

An Intimacy Expert Weighs In On Angie And Ryan
Angie admitted if Madeline wasn't there they "probably would have needed a safe word". Photo: Network 10.

"We go through life not really doing things, say we're eating our lunch but watching YouTube or something -- not really enjoying the moment." By taking sight out of the equation, Madeleine said Angie and Ryan were forced to focus on each other, and the very steamy exercises they were taking on.

Though it might have seemed awkward to us at home -- having a hot and steamy session in front of an intimacy expert -- Madeline definitely thought the pair were on the right track.

"They seemed so in-tune and aligned and really comfortable with each other. The chemistry was amazing, it just felt so magnetic between them."

We also couldn't pass up an opportunity to ask Madeline if -- while she was in the wine cellar with Angie and Ryan, she got any psychic vibes on if the pair had a future together as a couple.

"I actually think they would make a great couple, they're really compatible, they seemed to bounce off each other and really compliment each other," she said. "It was like an unspoken thing where they just get each other."

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