'I've Never Been Prouder': Martin Short's Wedding C**k Legacy

Or, wait maybe we mean cake...

Ahead of the Australian tour of their show 'Now You See Them, Soon You Won't', iconic comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short caught up with Tommy Little to discuss their many, many achievements and the legacies they've accumulated across their incredible careers.

Steve and Martin first met on the set of 'The Three Amigos' with co-star Chevy Chase in 1986 and while the role wasn't written especially for Martin, the dynamic trio quickly settled into a rhythm.

"It was very odd for me," Martin told Tommy, "it was my first movie and we were supposed to be best friends, the three of us. We immediately started making each other laugh," he said before Steve chimed in.

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"Okay wrap it up," the 'Jerk' star joked. "When I first met Marty I thought this guy is so funny I want to hang out with this guy, and now I think how wrong I was."

But it was another truly iconic film that Tommy really wanted to ask the pair about.

In 1991 the pair starred alongside Diane Keaton in 'Father of the Bride', with Martin playing Franck Eggelhoffer the deranged wedding planner with a thick, unplaceable accent which Martin admitted was "kind of made up on the day".

Trying to "figure out a middle ground" of his range of wild accents, Martin settled on a certain pronunciation of 'wedding cake' that sounded a LOT like wedding... c**k.

"I always thought you called it a wedding c**k," Tommy admitted, "but recently I've heard you say that that was never meant to be that out there."

"It was his accent!" Martin innocently replied. But for Tommy it was something that had stuck with him for years.

"I've never been prouder," Martin said of this particular legacy.

Between the pair, they've snagged three Emmys, five Grammys, a Tony, a Lifetime Achievement Award and an Oscar -- but that hasn't gone to their heads.

"It's an honorary Oscar," Martin said of Steve's 2013 Academy Award, "that's like the soccer participation trophy of showbusiness."

Check out the full interview in the video above.

Steve Martin and Martin Short's 'Now You See Them, Soon You Won't' tour kicks off on Friday, November 8th in Perth and runs until Sunday, November 17 finishing up in Sydney. For more info on dates and tickets check out Ticketek.