Alex Mckay Reveals He's The One Who Asked The Explosive Cocktail Party Question

He was the quiet achiever of the season, getting to the final six despite barely saying six sentences, but it was the cocktail party bombshell he set off which really made waves.

Speaking to 10 daily after the rose ceremony that sent him home, Alex was all smiles about his time on the show.

"I think they might have forgotten to turn my mic on or something," he laughed. But the 26-year-old admitted that the 'quiet achiever' label wasn't something he minded, saying, "I'd probably rather that than stage 10 clinger".

During the final, dramatic cocktail party before hometowns, Alex and the other five remaining bachelors joined Angie for a sit-down dinner with a twist. Each of the bachelors wrote questions for each other, to be drawn from a box in the middle of the table after dinner.

Alex Mckay Reveals He's The One That Asked The Explosive Cocktail Party Question
Angie was less than impressed with Ryan's answers. Photo: Network 10.

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'Be Honest Because I Will Find Out': Ryan's Bombshell Shatters Angie's Trust

During an extremely uncomfortable round of dinner party truth-telling, Ryan made a confession that Angie wasn't expecting.

"You could approach it any way you wanted," Alex said. "You could try and throw someone under the bus if you had some inside gossip, or if you just really wanted to find something out for yourself, you had that opportunity as well."

Despite being the quiet one of the season, Alex admitted to 10 daily he decided "to be a bit cheeky" and ask the question if any of the bachelors had applied for previous seasons of 'The Bachelorette', fully knowing the answer.

"The smiling assassin, hey?" he said with a hearty laugh.

While it threw Ryan -- and to a much lesser extent Jackson -- under the bus, it sadly wasn't enough to save our favourite silent bachelor for another rose ceremony.

"To be honest, me and Angie had a couple of deep and emotional conversations leading up to that cocktail party, so I could feel that connection building," Alex said, "so there was a small hope that I might get the opportunity to take Angie to hometowns."

"Going into the rose ceremony I definitely was nervous," he admitted, "but there was that little bit of hope that I was holding onto."

While he may have appeared like a handsome ghost to us at home, Alex assured 10 daily that he had spent a lot of time with Angie throughout his time in the mansion.

"I spent enough time with her for her to realise who I was as a person and who she was as a person as well," he said. "Although I didn't get that single date there was definitely enough time we did spend together for us to build that connection."

Mostly positive about his experience on the show, Alex said there were tough times -- especially missing family and friends while he was in the house -- but that his friendships with the other bachelors got him through.

During his stand-up set, Alex joked about possibly not nabbing Angie's heart, but going home after forging a connection with another beautiful blonde... Ciarran.

"I was fortunate to have a friend like him in the mansion, he was so genuine with his advice and helping each other through tough situations," Alex said.

While we didn't get to see much of Alex's time on 'The Bachelorette', he said he's not ruling out making another appearance down the track.

"If an opportunity came up to go on a reality TV show again I'll definitely think about it strongly, for sure," he said -- though he's not too convinced he'd make a very good 'Silent Bachelor'.

"That'd be a pretty boring series, wouldn't it!" he said, laughing.

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