'Be Honest Because I Will Find Out': Ryan's Bombshell Shatters Angie's Trust

During an extremely uncomfortable round of dinner party truth-telling, Ryan made a confession that Angie wasn't expecting.

The explosive comments arrived after Angie and Ryan had spent the day together on a single date that involved answering questions about each other and we found out that they both love to pee in the shower.

Things were going so well!

Ryan and Angie also both agreed that their biggest dealbreaker in a relationship was a lack of trust, which was about to bite Ryan in the ass that evening -- but more on that later.

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It was the final single date before hometowns, and Ryan and Angie took things from zero to 50 Shades.

The chemistry between Ryan and Angie further intensified when they were led into a dark wine cellar filled with fruit and blindfolds where they were encouraged to explore each other's bodies under the instruction of clairvoyant and reiki healer Madeleine.

Things got steamy and schweaty as Ryan fed Angie berries from his mouth like a mama bird and the Bachelorette said she was "so glad" she picked Ryan for the date because it gave her a good idea about their compatibility long term.

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The successful date meant Ryan waltzed into the cocktail party later on with "the biggest grin on his face" before he gushed about his quality time to the rest of the boys who were "definitely not all smiles".

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But oh, how the tables were about to be turned as the final six boys sat down for a last supper together with Angie, with the addition of a party game most would have preferred not to have played.

Carlin was asked whether he'd had work done and admitted he'd had a bit of lip plumping after his divorce but Angie said she had as well, and the atmosphere was still pretty jolly.

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Angie didn't waste any time in asking bachelor Haydn to leave the mansion after he dropped an unexpected bombshell at the group date.

When the group was asked whether they'd previously applied for 'The Bachelorette' the mood shifted. Jackson said he'd applied ages ago for Georgia Love's season and that was totally fine. 

But a very uncomfortable Ryan pursed his lips and shifted in his seat as Timm's eyes lit up, sensing the ~drama~ that was brewing.

"Drama, drama, drama and I'm not involved!" Image: Network 10.

"What a question!" Ryan replied, clearly trying to buy his mind a little time to come up with a palatable answer. 

"I guess I’ll explain that to Angie because I don’t think you’re aware that I went through the audition for Ali’s season and never heard back," he said. 

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At this point, Angie's face morphed from a smile into an intense glare -- because we all remember how much Ryan said he loves trust!

And that he'd told Angie multiple times that he'd never apply to this kind of reality dating show and was only there because he knew she going to be the Bachelorette this year.

I’m here for you and you only, I wouldn’t have signed up had it been anyone else -- Ryan, 2019, on multiple occasions. 

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As Angie rightly pointed out later to the camera, it was fine that Ryan had applied for Ali's season but definitely odd that he'd gone out of his way to "preach that you've never done something like this before".

"Apparently he came just for me but apparently he also auditioned for f***ing Ali! So…," Angie said, before adding in horror, “Oh my god, what if he slides into Ali’s DMs too?”

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'It Was A Mistake To Leave': Ciarran Still Devastated By Shock 'Bachelorette' Exit

It was the shock exit that saw both Ciarran and Angie in tears, but following a family tragedy, the 25-year-old felt like he had no choice but to leave the mansion.

Handling the situation like a pro, Angie knew she'd be grilling Ryan over the admission later but half-joked in front of the group that she'd been handed "Ali's sloppy seconds".

"You know what, I kinda think if it’s meant to be, it will and I’m just going to leave it to the universe," Ryan replied. 

The dinner party suddenly started to feel like an episode of 'Midsummer Murders' or 'Miss Marple' with Detective Angie closing in on her culprit and turning up the heat.

"Something to ponder!" she said with a perfectly raised brow. 

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The very informative dinner party led straight into the last rose ceremony before hometowns and the boys were suddenly feeling a lot more confident that the frontrunner was about to be booted home.

Ryan was also beginning to sweat, saying he had "no idea" how the ceremony was going to unfold.

“Obviously it’s come across as though I’ve lied and it makes me feel sh** she’s questioning my integrity," he said. 

No, Ryan, you haven't "come across" as a liar, you lied! It's on camera, we have the tapes!

He even told Angie's own mother that he wasn't one to search for love under the reality TV spotlight.

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But in a shock ~twist~ that didn't even involve dragging out the mystery of Ryan's fate, his name was called out first for a rose -- probably so Angie can keep him around for a good grilling.

Which must have been a sort of kick in the teeth for Alex and Matt who have appeared on no previous 'Bachelorette' seasons but were sent home. But also, Angie's barely spoken to them all season so it would have been awkward to have to meet their families.

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