The Craziest Moments From 'The Amazing Race Australia' So Far

We're only a few episodes in and already, 'The Amazing Race Australia' has provided us with some cherished TV moments that have reminded us how humans react in stressful situations.

While the nuns turned to prayer, and the influencers' coping mechanism of choice has been sabotage, for some duos, their natural reaction to pressure has involved a mixture of blindly following another team, crying and occasionally vomiting.

Throughout the teams' journeys through South Korea and Vietnam, the pairs have been testing the boundaries of their relationships, with the stronger couples thriving and the more volatile duos cracking under the pressure.

Here are a few of our favourite wild moments so far:

The Nuns Stopping At Every Corner For A Few Hail Marys 

Photo: Network 10.

Judy and Therese told 10 daily that they had no regrets about their decision to clasp their hands, bow their heads and pray instead of concentrating on racing ahead in the competition. We love them for the decision, but hate that their time-consuming devotion to God literally cost them their spot in 'The Amazing Race'.

The Amazing Race


'I Was Willing To Just Give It All Up': The Challenge That Nearly Broke Rowah And Amani

Rowah and Amani managed to escape elimination during their first day in Vietnam, only to land in last place again after another gruelling day.

The Influencers Re-inforcing The Influencer Stereotype 

Image: Network 10.

Content creators from Bondi must be mad that Sid and Ash are giving them a bad name because the pair have started the race off by lying, cheating and stealing to get ahead. Stealing a dumpling from the nuns was a low point but they're also fond of their misdirection trick in telling other teams they're going the wrong way.

The last day in Vietnam saw the influencers giving newlyweds Tim and Rod a huge leg-up before the Pit Stop, but we can't help get a little suspicious about their motives.

The Nuns Flyboarding, Playing Drone Soccer And White Water Rafting

Photo: Network 10.

We only spent two precious episodes with Judy and Therese -- with the aforementioned praying contributing to their tardy Pit Stop arrival. But what those two episodes in South Korea taught us is that we'd like to watch nuns doing things way more often.

Maybe it's something about their holy outfits, their sheer delight or their catchphrase-like comments about the world around them but we need an 'Amazing Race' spinoff called 'Judy And Therese: Nuns On The Run'.

The Amazing Race


'High Risk, High Reward': The Deadly Duo's Gamble Pays Off After Sweat, Tears And Lots Of Elbow Grease

It was a nail-biting experience watching the Deadly Duo, Jasmin and Jerome, slip further and further behind in 'The Amazing Race Australia' as they struggled to complete their chosen Detour.

The Ninh Binh Vomit Explosion 

Image: Network 10.

The northern Vietnamese dish of green new rice did not agree with Chris, Amani, Mikayla or Jerome who were all running for those strategically placed buckets after chomping their way through the rice parcels.

We consulted chef Khanh Ong who said the dish is most certainly not designed to be eaten in such large portions because it's so crunchy and dry.

The Amazing Race


'Amazing Race Australia': Here's Why That Green Rice Caused A Stream Of Tears And Vomit

Compared to boot camps, whitewater rafting and flyboarding, eating a bit of rice seems fairly easy... right?

Adrienne Loses Her Cool In The Heat 

Image: Network 10.

This was the first time we saw Adrienne get a little bit snappy as she and Chris began bundling their very messy piles of incense together like they were collecting kindling for a bonfire.

"You're not doing Christmas wrapping!" Ad said to Chris, who she thought was taking too much care in getting the incense into 2kg piles.

It turned out they were meant to be wrapping at a competitive Christmas level -- just like the other teams were taking the time to do. Their sloppy job resulted in this deliciously satisfying thumbs down.

Image: Network 10.

The setback caused some extra stress, with Ad getting a little miffed at other teams for turning her scales around, a tense round of mask painting and the reminder that "a toe is not a foot!" when the couple were looking for a specific statue of Buddha with both feet on an animal.

Things reached fever pitch during a fight about whether Chris had a pencil in his bag (he did!) but the couple had patched things up by the time they reached the Pit Stop.

This Miracle, Gravity-Defying Bicycle Situation 

It was a tough episode to watch as Jasmin and Jerome struggled to make it through the stilt-walking challenge. Defeated, they gave up to head to the mask painting area but then made a split-second decision to risk it all and head to the Fast Forward.

Tying dozens of shrimp baskets onto a bicycle saw Jasmin getting whipped in the eye with some bamboo but nevertheless, she persisted and the Deadly Duo's teamwork led to this gorgeous moment of Jerome beaming as he crossed the finish line, winning the approval of a local fisherman who completes this journey every day.

With still plenty of teams still in the race, we're crossing our fingers for more madness, sabotage and maybe one or two more gag-worthy eating challenges.

'The Amazing Race Australia' Airs Mondays And Tuesdays From 7.30 pm, Only On 10 And WIN Network.