'I Was Willing To Just Give It All Up': The Challenge That Nearly Broke Rowah And Amani

Rowah and Amani managed to escape elimination during their first day in Vietnam, only to land in last place again after another gruelling day.

The mother-daughter duo might have had a chance to stay in the race if they hadn't been thrown a Speed Bump that meant they had to painstakingly put together five 2kg bundles of incense instead of four like all the other duos.

Already behind, they had to deal with the sweltering heat as they wore and painted traditional masks then raced through a temple in search of a Buddha with two feet on an animal.

But it was a particularly memorable challenge from the day before that set them so far behind in the race and pushed Amani to breaking point -- the eating challenge in Ninh Binh where she gorged on dry, crunchy, spicy green rice.

Image: Network 10.

"That challenge nearly broke me, I was at the edge," Amani told 10 daily over the phone after their elimination. 

"I knew we were coming last so I was like, ‘What’s the point of eating more rice if I know that we’re last?’ kind of thing," she added. 

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Compared to boot camps, whitewater rafting and flyboarding, eating a bit of rice seems fairly easy... right?

The challenge was almost more difficult for her mum, who had to watch her daughter weep and vomit her way through rice parcel after rice parcel -- but it was Rowah's cheerleading from the sidelines that helped her to push on.

"I was willing to just give it all up and mum was like, 'No you’re not doing that, you’re not a quitter', and I was like, 'Okay, fine.'"

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The concern in Rowah's voice for Amani's stressful round of eating (without the coffee to wash it down because she doesn't drink it) made us wonder if she wished she'd taken her daughter's place.

"No! I probably would have had diarrhoea for a week after that," laughed Rowah, adding, "I’m in my 40s, she’s a teenager, she can handle it!"

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The first morning in Vietnam started off so well, with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Mikayla and a general sense of positivity in the air.

Amani explained that her friends have been calling her "a sooky la-la" for baulking at "eating some rice" but overall, the support she and her mother have received has been overwhelming.

"I’m not going to say we weren’t ready to go home by then because we were honestly… the heat really bothered us and I started missing my boy," Rowah told 10 daily. 

"But now seeing the support that we’ve had, it makes me wish we’d pushed a little bit harder," she added. 

Image: Network 10.

At the same time, the pair gave 110 percent on their final day in the race -- but simply couldn't overcome the time-consuming setback of putting together an extra bundle of incense.

"We did everything right but it was literally just that Speed Bump," said Amani.

"We were pretty much in the sun for hours just picking up sticks and putting them together. We ended up catching up to everybody, which gave us a little bit of hope with the painting and all that but that Speed Bump really got the better of us."

Image: Network 10.

After nearly being sent home the day before, and knowing they were coming last, Rowah and Amani were prepared when Beau informed them that they'd be heading home.

"We knew already, we were like, ‘Yeah we’re going home’, Amani explained. 

"I think we just kind of saw it coming," she added. 

Rowah agreed, saying that by the time they reached Beau, they were "content and happy" knowing they gave it their all.

"We never quit, Amani was phenomenal, we gave it 110 percent. We can honestly say we pushed ourselves to break. We were sad to go and leave everybody because everybody was amazing from the producers to Beau to everybody. 

"That saddened us, but we were ready to go home."

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