'High Risk, High Reward': The Deadly Duo's Gamble Pays Off After Sweat, Tears And Lots Of Elbow Grease

It was a nail-biting experience watching the Deadly Duo, Jasmin and Jerome, slip further and further behind in 'The Amazing Race Australia' as they struggled to complete their chosen Detour.

They'd powered through the excruciating incense collecting challenge which involved sitting in the hot sun arranging the fragrant sticks into two-kilo bundles.

But faced with the task of jumping aboard some much larger, more unwieldy sticks (some might call them stilts) Jasmin and Jerome hit a wall (and also the ground, multiple times).

Having successfully crossed the line on stilts herself, Jasmin enthusiastically cheered on Jerome from the sidelines, but things were looking grim.

After one final demoralising fall, Jerome made what was to be a crucial decision.

"I'm calling it, I think, because I'm physically too fatigued," said Jerome, later explaining that although Jasmin whizzed through the course he just "couldn't do it".

"I just couldn't for the life of me pull it off, my body was starting to shut down," he said.

A fist bump and a thank before leaving the stilts behind. Image: Network 10.

Feeling "pretty defeated" and concerned they'd pull up to the pitstop last, the Deadly Duo moved on to the Detour's arts and crafts table for some mask painting but paused when they spotted newlyweds Tim and Rod.

The couple, who had been in the lead, had chosen to tackle the Fast Forward challenge but soon gave up the almost impossible task of tying what looked like close to a hundred shrimp baskets to a tiny bicycle.

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The first morning in Vietnam started off so well, with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Mikayla and a general sense of positivity in the air.

Worried about how many teams were already ahead of them, Jasmin and Jerome made the decision to try the Fast Forward themselves.

"Is this a bad call?" Jasmin hesitantly asked.

"I don't know," Jerome replied. "High risk, high reward".

Image: Network 10.

At this point, we just couldn't bear to see Jasmin and Jerome get slapped in the face by the 'Amazing Race' gods and then it happened -- Jasmin literally got slapped in the face by a piece of stray bamboo.

"I'm down on the ground trying to tie this bike so tight and this piece of bamboo just flings me straight in the eye," she said.

But after plenty of loving encouragement between the pair, the setback didn't stop them from continuing to put together the gravity-defying bike, even as Jasmin read their final instructions through streams of tears.

Watching Jerome finally get into the saddle of the wonky contraption was more beautiful than anything we could have imagined, with the dad saying his huge grin was because he was imagining his young son at home in the NT was watching the ridiculous situation unfold.

The unbelievable gamble meant Jasmin and Jerome skipped straight to the pitstop, comfortably arriving in fourth place just ahead of Rod and Tim.

They repeated the words that will now become their 'Amazing Race' team motto as they were met by Beau at the finish line.

"High risk, high reward."

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