'How Hanoi-Ing!': The Most Devastating (But Kind Of Hilarious) Moments From 'The Amazing Race' In Vietnam

The first morning in Vietnam started off so well, with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Mikayla and a general sense of positivity in the air.

The nine remaining 'Amazing Race Australia' teams were ready for anything -- at least, that's what they thought before a series of unfortunate events unfolded in their paths.

The smiles and the singing that took place outside the water puppet theatre soon made way for frowns and forlorn stares into the middle distance -- in some cases accompanied by a cacophony of spewing, cursing and general sounds of despair.

The Amazing Race


'Amazing Race Australia': Here's Why That Green Rice Caused A Stream Of Tears And Vomit

Compared to boot camps, whitewater rafting and flyboarding, eating a bit of rice seems fairly easy... right?

The day that started in Hanoi and ended in Ninh Binh really was all about Lady Luck and we've pinpointed some of the gorgeously tragic moments from the whole messy journey where she well and truly left some contestants in the lurch.

River Dragon Confusion 

Anyone seen a river dragon? Image: Network 10.

The psychological elements of 'The Amazing Race' means that panic can cause some teams to just copy whatever they see another duo doing.

The first team into the theatre didn't spot the vital written clues on the dancing dragons and instead, Femi and Nick, Sid and Ash and Rowah and Amani ran out onto the street armed only with the vague assumption that they might be looking for dragons?

"Do you guys know any river banks, I mean, river dragons," Femi and Nick hopefully asked a group of older women trying to get through their Tai Chi session.

Sid And Ash Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Image: Network 10.

Jasmin and Jerome made the decision to stick Sid and Ash's photo on the U-Turn post -- meaning the Bondi influencers would be slowed down by having to collect 100 escargot and complete that tricky rowboat challenge.

You might think that this doesn't count as a 'devastating moment' because the least-liked team (by fellow contestants and viewers alike) have committed plenty of sins against their fellow racers up to this point.

The Amazing Race


'I'm So Proud Of You': Rowah And Amani Narrowly Avoid Elimination

Rowah and Amani have made a narrow escape from elimination after a disastrous day in Hanoi.

We're more devastated by the face that Jasmin made when Jerome convinced her to use the U-Turn against Sid and Ash because she just knows that the Bondi locals will try and unleash hell with an almighty payback.

Femi Made A Pun!

Image: Network 10.

You can go ahead and file this under 'devastatingly funny moments' even though Femi and Nick were getting a little desperate in their search for temples adorned with river dragons.

"Lost in Hanoi, how Hanoi-ing," Femi said, which elicited a smile from Nick and was a great indicator that the nurses and besties aren't getting on each other's nerves.

Dumb Luck Stomps All Over Hard Work 

Image: Network 10.

Birthday girl Mikayla almost resigned herself to the fact that had died and her punishment in hell was eating rice for all eternity at this Ninh Binh restaurant.

So it was only fair that the girl who ended up eating 23 parcels of rice was a little miffed when Tom opened his first banana leaf package and didn't even realise that he'd stumbled upon a coin on his first try.

"Oh what the hell!" she yelled in between mouthfuls of dry, toasted green rice.

Image: Network 10.

Mikayla was equally unimpressed when, many parcels later, the newlyweds arrived and Tim advised Rod to just "choose whichever one's calling your name".

And voila, there must have been a tiny parcel of rice screaming out, "ROD!" because the pair found their coin and were out of that restaurant without eating a single grain of rice.

The Mother-Daughter Love Between Rowah And Amani 

Image: Network 10.

Despite a shocker of a day that involved an ambiguous puppet show, a frustrating row across a river and the torture of Amani via some very dry rice, the mother-daughter pair stayed strong.

The only thing they fought about was who was prouder of whom and even though they came in last, they truly deserved the good news that it was a non-elimination leg. Phew!

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