'I'm So Proud Of You': Rowah And Amani Narrowly Avoid Elimination

Rowah and Amani have made a narrow escape from elimination after a disastrous day in Hanoi.

The mother-daughter team started the Vietnam leg off strongly, making it from the airport to the water puppet theatre in second place, behind influencers Sid and Ash.

But they soon lost any advantage their headstart had afforded them after missing the crucial clues they needed to get to their next location -- four words in Vietnamese written on the collars of the aquatic dragon puppets.

"I need to find someone with four dragons," Rowah said, before the pair ran out to the streets of Hanoi in search of their next clue, frantically asking locals if they knew of any nearby dragons. 

Photo: Network 10.

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It was a trap that everyone from the first theatre session had fallen into and after a hopeless dragon hunt, Rowah and Amani, Femi and Nick and Sid and Ash were back at the water puppet theatre with their pens and notepads.

After getting a little closer to those elusive dancing dragons, the teams worked out that they had to make their way to 'Ben Xe Giap Bat' bus station and jump a ride to Ninh Binh where the worst part of the day was still yet to come. 

After teams chose to either collect snails from the river or row a boat with their feet, they made their way to the Lang Khanh restaurant for a lunch break that wasn't exactly relaxing.

One member from each team was faced with a table groaning with 300 packets of young green rice, with just nine of the parcels containing the coins needed to proceed to the next clue.

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'It Was Just Depressing, It Was Like A Death': The Nuns Are Still Mourning Their 'Amazing Race' Loss

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Every parcel that was opened but didn't contain a coin had to be consumed before another could be unwrapped, and the local delicacy wasn't exactly enjoyed by most of the teams.

"I feel like I need to vomit," said Amani, in tears as she chewed through the crunchy, spicy rice above the sounds of firefighter Chris chundering into a bucket nearby.

"Coffee does make the vomit coming up a little bit smoother," Chris helpfully said.

Photo: Network 10.

A very emotional Amani was cheered on from the sidelines by her also teary mum, nearly giving up at one point, ready to throw in the towel and never look at a grain of green rice again.

"I don't want to do any more," she said between sobs and dry heaves.

"I'm not going to let you give up, you're not someone who gives up," her mum firmly replied.

And with that, she opened one last packet, like Charlie Bucket finding a golden ticket, and finally got her hands on the elusive coin. A crowd of Vietnamese locals embarrassingly cheered them on for finally finishing a bit of rice and they made their way to the pitstop, broken and dejected.

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Most likely knowing they were in last place, the duo plodded along towards Beau, with Amani apologising to her mum for struggling with the challenge.

"You did so well, I'm proud of you," Rowah promised her daughter.

Photo: Network 10.

The pair were still sobbing as Beau informed them they had arrived last and had accepted their fate until... the host added that he had "one more thing to say".

"This is a non-elimination leg and you are still in the race," he said.

Which only meant more crying but it was happy crying and Rowah and Amani live to race another day in Vietnam.

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