Fabulous, Flirty And Oh So Floral: How Ciarran Turned 'Bachelorette' Cocktail Parties Into Fashion Shows

He was a fan-favourite and though his departure ripped our hearts out, the cocktail parties are also going to be a lot less interesting now Ciarran has left 'The Bachelorette' mansion.

Speaking to 10 daily after the heart-wrenching episode where he made the difficult decision to withdraw from the series, Ciarran explained how he managed to turn a sea of suits into an explosion of colour, florals and so much hair.

"We had to give little ideas on what you would like to wear," he told 10 daily, "I didn't expect them to be that outrageous but I didn't want to wear something boring."

Arriving on night one in a bright red suit and a neckerchief, Ciarran described his look to Angie as a "sexual Willy Wonka".

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It was the shock exit that saw both Ciarran and Angie in tears, but following a family tragedy, the 25-year-old felt like he had no choice but to leave the mansion.

"I was talking to the stylist and I said I wouldn't mind wearing something like a neck scarf," he explained, "I ended up looking like I ran an underground club in Berlin..."

On top of his effortless charm, Ciarran was always perfectly put together. On their single date, the 25-year-old told Angie that he had brought an entire suitcase of outfits for the afternoon they were spending together.

"I just wanted to have fun with it. Some of the other guys looked like real estate agents or like they were going to court," he said, laughing.

"Even Angie commented saying like, 'You tried to out-dress me'... I don't know what she means about try," he added.

Ciarran's also one of the only bachelors who'll go down in 'Bachelorette' history for getting his kit off during a group date.

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After a chill day of dressing up fake babies and champagne by the sea -- tensions well and truly erupted at the cocktail party.

Ciarran was a rifleman in the infantry, but he told 10 daily that even during his time in the military he was always making sure he was perfectly put-together.

"When we would go bush I'd still be washing myself with fruit-scented baby wipes or using face creams. The others would be like, 'what are you doing?'"

His outward appearance and bold fashion statements initially had viewers offside, misjudging Ciarran's outrageous outfits as a signpost that he'd be anything other than the sensitive angel we came to know and love during his time on the show.

"I haven't really watched much of it myself," he admitted, "I watched the first [episode] and I was like oh god, that's a bit cringe. Sexual Willy Wonka! Where did that come from?

"I saw all the memes and all the people's comments, I was like, 'ah crap. Australia's going to hate me!'"

Ciarran Stott Explains His 'Bachelorette' Cocktail Party Fashion
Ciarran became a fan favourite this season. Image: 10 daily

But after each episode went on, and things got more and more floral, Ciarran was cemented as one of the favourites of the season -- if not franchise!

There have even been many, many calls for him to be our Bachelor in 2020.

His bachelorettes would have to really step up their game in the outfit department.

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Featured image: Network 10.