'There Are Times I Don't Recognise The Guy On Screen': Jamie Has No Regrets About His Time On 'The Bachelorette'

He was a controversial figure in 'The Bachelorette' mansion, but Jamie Doran has opened up about his time on the show, admitting there was very little he would change.

After two intense cocktail parties, Jamie said he definitely wasn't surprised when he inevitably didn't receive a rose on Thursday night -- seeing him evicted from the 'Bachelorette' mansion.

But looking back on his time in the house, he said he didn't really have any regrets.

"There are times where I don't recognise the guy on screen," Jamie told 10 daily, "But I'll back everything I did."

"I do call a spade a spade, I don't have a filter and I feel that the Jamie you saw is the true Jamie -- and I never changed the person I was from day one, I honestly didn't," he said.

When asked if he had his time all over again, he said there is very little that he would do differently.

"I'd be a little bit less intense," he said, "Obviously I'd be a little bit less intense."

Jamie received early criticism during one of the cocktail parties where he went against the "bro code" the other bachelors agreed upon. When Jamie made the move to steal Angie away for a chat, he said he still has no regrets going against the other men in the house.

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It was the shock exit that saw both Ciarran and Angie in tears, but following a family tragedy, the 25-year-old felt like he had no choice but to leave the mansion.

"It's so easy to now, in hindsight, think 'Oh maybe I shouldn't have done that', but in that moment I was thinking I've had no time at all [with Angie]," he said.

"You saw some pretty cool guys go early because they just didn't get that time, you know," he said referring to Niranga and Jesse who both left early on in the season.

Jamie explained his intense nature was also a ploy for him to make sure everyone on the show knew that he was there for the right reasons, "So if I have any regrets it was probably not holding back a little bit."

Since his time on the show, Jamie has said he's not sure how soon he'll be diving back into the dating game.

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'I’m Acting Like An Absolute Kook': Why A Champagne And Caviar Date Was All Wrong For Angie And Timm

After the cocktail party from hell, Angie decided that a fancy date with Timm was just the palate cleanser she needed.

"I just need everything to calm down a little bit," he said, "because I feel that now I do have trust issues.

"I want the real thing. I want someone that's going to be into me for genuine reasons," he added -- before rolling his eyes at his use of 'ingenuine' during Wednesday night's cocktail party instead of 'disingenuous'.

"I'm getting smashed about that," he said, laughing.

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