Amid Death Threats And Fake News, There's Only One Thing Getting Jamie Doran Down

Speaking on 'The Reality Bite: Cocktails and Roses' podcast, Jamie Doran opened up about his time on 'The Bachelorette'.

Chatting on the podcast following the rose ceremony that sent him home, Jamie admitted he didn't regret his actions, saying if he could do it all again, he wouldn't change much -- maybe just wind back his intensity a little.

But Jamie's time on the show sparked a huge storm of people digging into his past, pulling at any threads they could in an attempt to unravel the 39-year-old.

While social media ignited ahead of his departure on the show, receiving threats of violence from fans of the show, but there's also been a handful of stories that Jamie said were completely unfounded.

"I've heard rumours recently that I work at SeaWorld as Superman," he said during the podcast, "I've also heard I'm on TV commercials in the UK... I'm not an actor."

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'There Are Times I Don't Recognise The Guy On Screen': Jamie Has No Regrets About His Time On 'The Bachelorette'

He was a controversial figure in 'The Bachelorette' mansion, but Jamie Doran has opened up about his time on the show, admitting there was very little he would change.

"There was an article the other day where somebody said in 2018 they spoke to me on the way to acting class [in Sydney] when, in 2018 I was in London," the avid traveller said.

Some of the other bachelors also called Jamie's authenticity into question. Haydn Trick told Punkee he believed Jamie was an actor paid to be on the show.

"He was so full-on and, like, no one can be that full-on," Trick said, jokingly adding, "Until someone says, from Channel 10 or something, no, he’s not [a paid actor], I don’t believe it."

"There was no acting going on," Jamie said.

But the digging into his past and the debate over if he was genuine or -- as he'd put it -- ingenuine hasn't gotten him down, it's when people have called his history as a firefighter into question.

"People disputing my career as a firefighter, that's been difficult," he said, "I've been taking that to heart. The rest I think is hilarious."

Understanding that putting your hand up for a show like 'The Bachelorette' opens you up to public scrutiny, Jamie said he wore his history as a firefighter "like a badge of honour".

Jamie worked for Fire & Rescue NSW but left years ago and has worked as a firefighter on cruise ships, did fire suppression training in the UK and now works in coal mines as a firefighter. Not to mention the handful of times he appeared in the Firefighter's Calendar (important!!).

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How A World Record Inspired Jamie Doran To Travel The World

A British traveller inspired Jamie to set-off on the adventure of a lifetime, leading to a chance encounter.

You can check out the full interview with Jamie below where he maintained he spoke the truth about Carlin, watching himself back on the show, and the unlikely friendships he made during his time in the mansion below.

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