Bachelorette Favourite Causes Chaos In The Mansion With Rose Confusion That Sparks A Walk-Out

In an already heated cocktail party, Timm managed to find himself turning things up to 100 with an awkward misunderstanding.

After sending Haydn home early realising his dreams of never having kids clashed with her own plans, Angie had hoped for a pretty relaxed cocktail party but -- unfortunately -- the remaining bachelors had other plans.

Following Jamie's accusations of the others' intentions, and a tense clash with Carlin, Angie's night was already pretty rocky.

But it was a misunderstanding from Timm that saw an already rough night go from bad to much worse.

Bachelorette Favourite Chaos In The Mansion with Rose Confusion That Sparks A Walk-Out
Angie was shocked after tensions reached boiling point at the cocktail party. Photo: Network 10.

Doing his best to smooth things over with Carlin and Angie, Timm was in the good books after refuting Jamie's claims that Carlin was just on the show to pursue his acting career and become the next Bachelor.

Apologising to Carlin, Angie struggled to get her thoughts in place saying, "I want to say how I'm feeling but I can't think because it's cold!"

Ever the gentleman, Carlin draped his jacket over Angie's shoulders to warm her up.

Earlier in the evening, Carlin had said to Angie that, if she truly believed he wasn't there for the right reasons, she could strip him of his rose and send him packing. While the two were trying to get things back on track, Timm took this as an opportunity to pop his head down the hallway, seeing this:

Photo: Network 10.

"She took his f--king rose back," he told the other bachelors, furthering the chaos.

Half the bachelors were riled up, completely sure what Timm saw was true while others had already had a gut-full.

Ryan called Timm out saying, "If you're stirring s--t man, I don't appreciate it". While Angie was trying to put out fires Jamie had set, the boys were setting some of their own with Timm now turning on Ryan and the pair clashing just down the hall from an already frazzled bachelorette.

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After a chill day of dressing up fake babies and champagne by the sea -- tensions well and truly erupted at the cocktail party.

Ciarran, also fed-up with the antics of the evening, then came in and demanded Timm own-up to his shenanigans. Walking back into the house enraged, Ciarran gave Timm just enough time to look back down the hall only to realise his own blunder.

Bachelorette Favourite Chaos In The Mansion with Rose Confusion That Sparks A Walk-Out
Awkward indeed, Timm realised his mistake a little too late. Photo: Network 10.

"She hasn't taken his rose," he quietly admitted to the room, "she's just wearing his coat," he said laughing.

"Before any pot had been stirred I put my hands up and said, 'Hold up boys I was wrong'," Timm later admitted to camera.

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Angie didn't waste any time in asking bachelor Haydn to leave the mansion after he dropped an unexpected bombshell at the group date.

But Ciarran was already on the warpath, challenging Timm -- with the pair erupting in a shouting match.

Ciarran had admitted earlier to not being in the right headspace, and it seemed Timm's blunder had been the straw to break the camel's back.

Bachelorette Favourite Chaos In The Mansion with Rose Confusion That Sparks A Walk-Out
With a cry of "I'm out of here", Ciarran abandoned the cocktail party in an emotional cliffhanger. Photo: Network 10.

After Timm's cries of "Look yourself, have a look what it looks like," Ciarran shot one quick glance down the hall, figured out what was going on and -- throwing his hands in the air -- walked out of the cocktail party.

The chaos has not stopped there, as this looks like a cocktail party that'll continue tomorrow.

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