'I'm There For Her, Not For Children': The Moment That Sealed Haydn's 'Bachelorette' Fate

Angie didn't waste any time in asking bachelor Haydn to leave the mansion after he dropped an unexpected bombshell at the group date.

The Bachelorette didn't even wait until the rose ceremony to let Haydn know his time was up, sending him on his way before the cocktail party had even begun.

Angie explained that her decision was made for her during the challenge where the nine remaining boys had to change the nappies of plastic dolls and then dress some terrifying mannikins in primary school clothing.

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After a chill day of dressing up fake babies and champagne by the sea -- tensions well and truly erupted at the cocktail party.

While everyone else couldn't wait to out-dad each other in front of Angie, Haydn laughed as he explained that he didn't want children "at all" and was happy being an uncle.

"It’s no use me telling a lie now to stay on a game show and later on let Angie know I don’t want kids," Haydn told 10 daily after leaving the show. 

Jackson looked more shocked than Angie that Haydn doesn't want kids. Photo: Network 10.

Haydn explained that children were the furthest thing from his mind, and the conversation hadn't come up until he was suddenly trying to prove how fast he could change a nappy.

"I guess that’s why everyone was sort of shocked because none of the boys were going to ask each other if they wanted kids, and I didn’t get a chance to talk to Angie all that much, but it never came up until that point," he said. 

Despite signing up to a franchise that's produced a handful of engagements, weddings and now three babies -- Haydn said the whole 'fatherhood' chat honestly wasn't on his mind.

"To be honest, I’m there for her, not for children," he told 10 daily. 

"It didn’t even register because it’s not at the forefront of my mind all the time, I forget that people do want kids and they have timelines and such."

Photo: Network 10.

After watching the episode where he makes his exit, Haydn will most likely be thanking the Bachelor Gods for sending him home before the dizzying levels of chaos that hit the cocktail party.

But even though he and Angie eventually came to the mutual agreement that a relationship wasn't in their future, Haydn said (before the baby bombshell) that he'd still been hoping to spend more time with the Bachelorette.

"We had a few good conversations that didn’t exactly go to air and I felt like I got to know a bit about her," he said. 

"I just really wanted more time to get to know her a bit more and to maybe get a single date would have been nice."

Photo: Network 10.

He explained that after learning they were on different pages about offspring, they both jumped to the same page about their feelings towards each other.

"I think I said to her, we are kind of at an impasse because you want kids and I don’t so the time has come up," Haydn told 10 daily. 

"Obviously, there’s no use me sticking around when other guys fit your criteria more," he added. 

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