‘Get Me Out Of Here’: The Most Dramatic Cocktail Party Moments

After a chill day of dressing up fake babies and champagne by the sea -- tensions well and truly erupted at the cocktail party.

The tail-end of the episode brought us a domino effect of drama, with every conversation Angie had with the boys opening up a new avenue of outrage.

Angie Beelines For Hadyn, Gives Him The Boot

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This was actually one of the least dramatic events of the night -- Angie dodged Jamie's request for the first chat and led Hadyn away to talk about fatherhood.

In a very matter-of-fact-way, Angie explained that she's sure Hadyn would make a gorgeous partner to someone, but the fact that he doesn't want kids means they're just not on the same page -- and he quickly agreed.

Angie then motioned with her thumb stuck out like a hitchhiker that it was time for Haydn to make tracks, then gave him a quick hug, said "byeeeeee" and watched him drive off.

Drama rating: 1/10. 

The Bachelorette


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Angie didn't waste any time in asking bachelor Haydn to leave the mansion after he dropped an unexpected bombshell at the group date.

Jamie Drops Several Bombshells

"Oh dear". Photo: Network 10.

Even before Jamie had started running through his shi** list, Angie was reaching for the wine.  After declining to name names at the last two cocktail parties, Jamie decided it was time to let the Bachelorette know what was really going on in the mansion, or at least the way he viewed the other bachelors' motives.

Jamie explained that BMX rider Matt was just focused on his career, Ciarran wasn't genuine, and golden boy Carlin was just putting in time this season so he could become the Bachelor in 2020.

"Whoa," Angie responded, clearly rattled by the news.

"I'm in complete shock," she later said, adding that her "whole tummy just sunk".

Drama rating: 7/10.

Now It's Carlin's Turn To Be Upset

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After spending a romantic day by the sea with Carlin, Angie was rocked by the news that he might just be practising his Bachie skills.

"Who the hell are you?" she said after taking him aside for the third big chat of the evening.

But Carlin was ready to fight and denied that he's ever had designs on following in the footsteps of Matt Agnew.

Angie said, "I feel sick" and then Carlin said, "No, I feel sick" and explained that he was only hanging around because he felt very strongly about their connection.

Detective Angie wasn't convinced and moved on to her next interview of the evening.

Drama Rating: 8/10.

Timm Smoothes Things Over

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Angie knows she can trust Timm and took him aside for his view on the Jamie vs. Carlin situation. Timm explained that he knew Jamie was going to lob a few grenades into the cocktail party and reassured Ange that Carlin didn't want to be the next Bachelor.

"He's bringing this up in spite and I didn't want this to happen," Timm said.

A very frazzled Angie was grateful to get a bit of perspective and raced off to find Carlin for another Very Big Chat to apologise.

Drama rating: 1/10.

Timm Unsmoothes Everything And Swirls It Into A Big Ol' Mess 

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Carlin handed a shivering Angie his jacket as she said 'sorry' for jumping to conclusions but the wardrobe swap was to become another flashpoint in the tension-filled evening.

Outside, Ciarran blew up at Jamie for overshadowing his planned conversation with Alex backing him up and, amid all the fuss, NO ONE HAD NOTICED THAT HAYDN HAD LITERALLY GONE HOME.

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Although he was sitting pretty and drama free, Timm decided to announce -- after a super quick glance down the hallway -- that Angie had stripped Carlin of the rose she'd given him earlier in the day.

Just like the causes of a World War, the descent into chaos can be traced to any one of these events, or a combination of them -- but this seemingly insignificant throwaway line from Timm ignited a powder keg.

Poor old Ciarran, who clearly had a lot of his mind, erupted at Timm for being a d***head, Ryan grumpily told him off for stirring the pot and Matt just laughed at the mixup.

"Bang, she's got the jacket, you're a f***ing idiot," said Ciarran after seeing Carlin's rose, before Timm promised he'd just made a mistake.

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The hubbub made its way to Angie and Carlin's hushed conversation, the music intensified, Ciarran said, "Get me out of here" and then the episode just ended with no rose ceremony?!

Drama rating: 11/10

We're going to have to wait until tomorrow for the cliffhanger episode to conclude but we're betting Hadyn's glad he left before all this s*** hit all those fans.

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