Everyone The Influencers Have Sabotaged (So Far) On ‘The Amazing Race Australia’

Bondi content creators Sid and Ash haven't wasted much time in assuming their roles as the ruthless villains of 'The Amazing Race Australia'.

Amidst a wholesome group of nurses, nuns, and newlyweds -- who are happily focused on their own journeys -- the influencers stand out as a whole different breed of competitor.

If 'The Amazing Race' was a cartoon show, Sid and Ash would be the ones throwing tacks on the road and switching around road sign arrows to send their rivals down the garden path to disaster.

We're only a couple of episodes in and the crafty couple have already performed THREE acts of sabotage against some very trusting duos -- and we have a feeling they might have a few more tricks up their kaftan-esque sleeves.

The Amazing Race


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You're Going The Wrong Way!

Photo: Network 10.

After deciding that the best way to reach the Namsan Tower's observatory deck was to climb downwards for a few kms -- Sid and Ash eventually had the realisation that they needed to crawl their way back to where they started.

"We're going to try and slow everyone down because we're going to take a while to get back up to the observatory tower," Ash explained.

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The couple attempted to con Jerome and Jasmin, as well as siblings Viv and Joey, and footy mates Tom and Tyler.

"No, I don't trust them," the boys said as Sid and Ash tried to convince them they'd missed a crucial clue.

Dumping Gate 

Photo: Network 10.

This is truly the moment that confirmed that Sid and Ash would do absolutely anything to get ahead in the race -- even if it meant stealing a dumpling from nuns.

During the challenge where teams had to perfectly fold 50 dumplings, Judy and Therese, bless them, left their table unattended to go and fetch more dough.

And then... dun, dun dun! Sid and Ash swooped, taking a single dumpling from the Missionary of God's Love sisters.

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Another Day, Another Scam 

Photo: Network 10.

The second day in Korea saw Sid and Ash at the back of the pack again so they had a flip through their villains' playbook to see what kind of chaos they could cause to jump ahead.

When the boot camp sign instructed the teams to carry two tyres up a hill, the Bondi couple shouted to Nick and Femi ahead of them that it was actually "two tyres each".

Bing, bang, boom, Femi and Nick ran back to collect the unnecessary weight and lost precious time in the game, only just making it through to the next round ahead of the nuns.

We'll see you right back here next week because we're sure Sid and Ash will delight us with their latest tricks during the next leg of the race.

'The Amazing Race Australia' Airs Mondays And Tuesdays From 7.30 pm, Only On 10 And WIN Network.