'F--- Off, Frank': Clare Bowditch On Naming Her Anxiety

Clare Bowditch's powerful new memoir asks the question, 'Is it possible to change the way we talk to ourselves?'

The singer-songwriter and author stopped by 'The Project' to chat about her memoir, 'Your Own Kind Of Girl' in which she describes navigating her relationship with her body and developing an understanding of her anxiety.

"It was hard to know what it was at the time, I just thought it was a voice in my head telling me I was a bit crap," Clare said of her teen years, explaining the impact the death of her younger sister, Rowena, had had on her.

Propelled to do something meaningful with her life, she turned to songwriting but went searching for spirituality to help anchor herself to something during a difficult time.

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Clare explained that after dabbling in Buddhism, she came across an exercise about naming emotions as a way of processing them.

"I was in such a state at 21, I didn't know what my emotions were and I found it easier just to name, what I now realise was my anxiety... to name it Frank," she explained to 'The Project' panel.

"And then I could say, eff off, Frank and 'FOF' became the secret of my success," she laughed.

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Clare added that her new memoir delves into her journey with her body, including the stage of her life where she went on an "extreme diet" and lost a lot of weight.

"And the world treated me really differently," she said, adding that it "set up a confusion in me".

She explained that her story of struggling with her body image was a metaphor about "the stories we tell ourselves about whether we belong in this world".

Clare Bowditch's memoir, 'Your Own Kind Of Girl' is on sale now. 

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