Alana And Niko Apologise To Gen Z For Coming Last In ‘The Amazing Race'

There was a long silence, followed by a low groan when we asked siblings Alana, 21, and Niko, 19, how they were feeling about their time on 'The Amazing Race Australia'.

Speaking to 10 daily via phone after leaving the competition in last place, the Generation Z duo said they were still processing their premature elimination.

"It went so badly and we were not expecting it to turn out like this," Niko said, adding that they had "thought about all the possible scenarios in our heads and not once did we think of being one of the worst teams". 

The pair's inability to hail a cab at the start of the race in Seoul set their disastrous day in place, with Alana and Niko falling so far behind the other teams they didn't even get to participate in any detour or roadblock challenges.

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"We still don’t regret the decisions we made because they made sense at the time for us," Alana said. "We don’t regret anything, really. "

Most viewers would agree with Niko when he says that "luck was not on our side that day" but the siblings are well aware that they're probably going to get dunked on because of their age.

Everywhere our 'Amazing Race' teams visited -- including Alana and Niko's ill-fated trip to Lotte Tower. Image: Google Maps.

"We know that people are going to look at us like the dumb kids but we’re not," Alana explained. 

"Young people are capable of many things and it just sucks for them that we’re representing them, it wasn’t meant to go like this!" she laughed, adding that it was "just annoying we didn’t get to prove to those people that think Gen Z are just kids". 

If you watched the premiere and made the assumption that the youngsters tripped up in the South Korean capital because they were out in the analogue wilderness without smartphones, you'd be wrong.

Photo: Network 10.

"Niko and I are not on our phones constantly so it’s not really an issue for us. That whole week [ahead of the race] we didn’t have our phones, it was fine. It wasn’t like we needed them," Alana told 10 daily. 

"How we fell apart in the race, wasn’t really due to a lack of technology," Niko added. 

The pair said it was a cruel mix of excitement and devastation when they finally reached Beau Ryan at the Seoul pitstop, well after nightfall.

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The superfans used to construct their own 'Amazing Race' courses -- pretending different rooms in their house were different countries -- as kids and have long dreamt of standing on the race's pitstop mat.

"It’s literally so exciting because you dream about when the host will say, ‘You are the blah blah team to arrive’ it’s so exciting!" said Alana 

"But then it was just so devastating at the same time."

Niko explained that it was a "really tough night" after filming wrapped up and the reality of coming last began to sink in."After the cameras stopped rolling and we stepped off the mat I just cried, we both cried. 

"It was really hard to come to terms with what had happened because it happened so quickly," he said.

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Luckily, their family has been extremely supportive -- even if they had their doubts that Alana and Niko would make it far in the competition.

"They were just proud that we’d made it on," Alana told 10 daily. 

"They keep saying to us, ‘It doesn’t matter about what happens, it only matters that you’ve made it and you’ve made us proud'.

"It’s been really nice to hear that because we felt like we were representing our family and it didn’t quite go to plan."

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