The Best Tweets From 'The Amazing Race Australia' Premiere

One episode in and Twitter has already decided on the heroes and villains competing in this season of 'The Amazing Race Australia'.

The diverse cast features duos from around the country including nuns, influencers (ahem, content creators), siblings and boomer firefighters.

The competition kicked off in Seoul where the teams had to race to Namsan Tower, soar above the Han River on a flyboard, roll dumplings, stack cups and make it to their first pitstop at the Seoullo Bridge.

We didn't have to wait long for the influencers to feel a little lost without their smartphones, with Sid and Ash walking DOWN a set of steps to get to an observation tower high above the city.

Firmly in last place, they quickly decided that if they couldn't race ahead, they'd just drag everyone else down with them.

The Amazing Race


Alana And Niko Apologise To Gen Z For Coming Last In ‘The Amazing Race'

There was a long silence, followed by a low groan when we asked siblings Alana, 21, and Niko, 19, how they were feeling about their time on 'The Amazing Race Australia'.

Meanwhile, other less hardened teams were getting a little miffed when another duo stole their taxi or their spots in the elevator.

The flyboarding challenge on the Han River meant we got to see an actual flying nun, with Judy reprising Sally Field's iconic TV role.

After successfully clearing the two-metre mark on the river, the teams (minus poor Alana and Niko) had to choose between folding 50 mandu (dumplings) or entering into a cup stacking challenge.

The first hurdle for newlyweds Rod and Tim was remembering what a dumpling actually is.

The footy boys blew their lead after struggling with the cups for much longer than anyone else, racking up 15 attempts.

Confirmed villains Sid and Ash -- who admitted they were probably going to hell -- stole dumplings from the nuns and this sinful act did not go down well.

Alana and Niko were still wandering around the river well after nightfall, missing out on all the challenges and re-inforcing Gen-Z stereotypes.

Oh and if you hadn't noticed, Beau's a hugger -- which seems to be dividing 'Amazing Race' fans and avowed hug avoiders.

'The Amazing Race Australia' Airs Mondays And Tuesdays From 7.30 pm, Only On 10 And WIN Network.