'FaceTime Saved My Life': Beau Ryan Opens Up About The Hardest Part Of Filming 'The Amazing Race'

From standing at pit stops for hours to losing his lips in the desert, there were a handful of difficulties for 'The Amazing Race Australia's Beau Ryan.

But one of the biggest difficulties didn't have to do with trying to ride a camel or trying to keep his speedos up while flyboarding -- it was leaving his family behind.

"The first week was the hardest," Beau told 10 daily, "in terms of being away from my family it was the hardest because it was quite a slow pace."

Kicking the race off in Seoul, Beau had some downtime before the teams were officially away, which is where he felt the biggest separation from his wife, Kara Orrell, and kids Remi and Jesse.

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"My wife and I had a rule of five days when I used to fly to the states all the time for Channel 9," he said -- that last bit in an elaborate stage whisper.

"I went probably 20 times to Los Angeles over two years and it was good, you're in and out and back -- that doesn't change anything. My wife actually prefers when I'm not around because she gets into a rhythm and routine, but this was hard.

"But I knew I had a job to do and I knew I'd have time when I got back, but it was hard."

Beau said the crew he worked with were a massive support, and once the race really kicked into gear he was able to lose himself in the task at hand.

"When you're over there and hurting, and everyone's trying to achieve this common goal, you get strength from each other," he said, adding, "FaceTime saved my life."

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"I can't get service in Cronulla on my phone and I'm FaceTiming my wife from Mongolia," he joked, "I can't even get service in Sans Souci."

Speaking to his family almost every day he was away -- except for a few times he was "off the grid" -- Beau said it was difficult but halfway through filming he could see the light.

"I was so busy when I was working, there's barely any downtime, so I was alright. I think it would be harder on 'Survivor' or something like that when you've got a lot of downtime, your days are long but you're in the same place. Because we're always moving, it made it easier."

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While the beginning of the race may have felt slow, as they got closer to the finish line, things definitely sped up for Beau and the crew. Just a few steps ahead of some of the teams, the eager host attempted to complete as many of the challenges the teams were tasked with as possible.

"Some [challenges] I didn't do because we were stuck for time," he said explaining that when there are detours (a choice between two challenges) Beau often only had time to complete the more difficult ones before teams were hot on his tail.

The emotional strain of being away from family plus the frantic travel schedule did put Beau in a spin, but he was ready to do it all again... he might just make a few changes to his luggage next time.

"I tried to take my daughter, she just wouldn't fit in carry-on. My son did but I didn't want to take him," he said with a laugh.

'The Amazing Race Australia' airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.